Protecting the safety of
car users with world-class
unique technologies

"Breaking" is the fate of glass.

When glass breaks due to an accident or flying object, the interlayer film made of plastic plays a role in preventing scattering of broken glass. However, the number of accidents does not decrease.

Movement of a driver's line of sight is one of the causes of accidents.
Head-up display (HUD) systems have been developed in the industry to reduce this even slightly.

However, when projected on ordinary glass, a double image is generated, so a dedicated display is required, and this limited use to only some luxury cars.

Therefore, we have mastered the wedge angle control technology and developed a wedge-shaped interlayer film for HUD that can be used to project images without double images simply by sandwiching it between windshields.

Furthermore, by making full use of multi-layer extrusion technology and nano-dispersion technology, we have also developed a product in which the wedge-shaped interlayer film is provided with our world-leading sound insulation and heat insulation functions. We are proud to have the top market share in the world.

In addition to the safety of automobile users, we are supporting the future of society by realizing comfort and energy-saving performance.