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safety for medical care


Blood sampling is often necessary in regular health examinations and tests for illnesses.

In the past, glass was used for all blood collection containers, and there was a risk that it would break and become untestable, or lead to nosocomial infections such as HIV and fulminant hepatitis.

World's first plastic vacuum blood collection tube
Therefore, SEKISUI has tried to solve this problem by utilizing its specialty plastic technologies.
In 1985, we launched "Insepack," the world's first plastic vacuum blood collection tube. We realized a product that is light, does not break, and can be inspected with peace of mind.

After that, further development was carried out, and the Insepack SQ, which reduced the time required for blood coagulation to one-third, was launched in 1996.

It also made it possible to obtain test results within 30 minutes after blood sampling.

We will continue to provide high-quality products with superior technologies and contribute to the realization of people's health and affluent lives.