Supporting your safety
under the ground


The deterioration of sewage pipes, our lifeline, is progressing, especially in developed countries. Collapsed roads occur frequently due to aging. There is a risk of serious accidents that could endanger human life, and urgent countermeasures are required.

However, it is difficult to dig up roads and replace sewage pipes especially in urban areas with many people and traffic, and the reality is that maintenance is progressing slowly. We have proceeded with research to see if construction could be performed without digging up the ground.

The SPR method was
created as a result.

This is a method of inserting a thin band made of PVC from a manhole and coil it around an existing pipe to make another pipe inside it. Construction can be performed without digging up the ground and while water is flowing, and it can be used for pipelines of any shape.

It can be renewed as a pipe with the same or higher performance as the new pipe.

In recent years, automation and downsizing of winding machine, to create new pipes, have realized improved safety and lower noise during construction and shorter construction periods, and the construction method itself is also evolving.
We will continue to contribute to the construction of a sustainable urban infrastructure and the safety and reliability of people by renewing aging sewage pipes.