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Product outline

Piping is completed with insulation because of the insulation materials used. No need for additional insulation works.

Heat-Resistant C-PVC Pipe

Product outline

Can be used in the areas with higher temperature than general C-PVC pipes. Superior in durability and heat retention.

U-PVC Chamber,U-PVC Small Manhole

Product outline

Lightweight and compact,enables comparable inspection for large diameter chambers, delivers good maintenance performance, and superior water-tightness.

EF (electrofusion) Fittings

Product outline

Current is made to flow through the heating wire embedded in the fitting to melt the pipe surface and the inside of a fitting simultaneously, thereby joining them by fusing. Molten resin increases its volume, and the pressure generated at the interface fuses the pipe and fitting, integrating them completely.


Product outline

Easy and effective! You can freely customize your balcony with Riena tiles. Riena is always clean as it can easily remove and care. Riena can be used for not only FRP waterproof but urethane waterproof as well. Further, you do not have to worry the damage to the waterproof base anymore. Riena is designed with newly developed wind resistant materials. This allows you to use Riena at upper floor where the tiles are exposed to strong wind.


Product outline

Water-proof, lowelasticity, high strength and durable recycled materials. Highly suitable for exterior woods used in public spaces.


Product outline

Able to take care of fireproof compartments by wrapping tapes around pipes. One tape is capable of supporting various pipe sizes.

Modified Silicone

Product outline

・Environment Friendly(Low VOC,No isocyanate)
・Easy Construction
・Long-lasting(High durability,High Weatherproof,Low Pollution)

Masking Tapes

Product outline

For finishing Interior Works,Exterior Works,Painting,Temporary Masking for Moving etc.

GRP/SUS Sectional Water Tanks

Product outline

Sekisui Water Tanks maintain their position as both a pioneer and world leader of FRP products,with easy on-site installation using bolt assemblies and customizable sizes/designs to accommodate any shape or volume needed.Our tanks have also received WRAS,ISO 9001,9002 and 14001 certifications.

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