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SPR Method

Product outline

This method entails constructing a rehabilitating pipe made by rigid U-PVC profile inside aged concrete-made pipeline, and integrate by injecting SPR back-filling material into annular spaces between host and rehabilitating pipe to make the composite pipe.

Product specification
Pipe Rehabilitation - SEKISUI SPR

U-PVC Pipe

Product outline

Safe for human use. Water will be free from pigmentation and odor. Smooth and even inner pipe surface helps to maintain stable and sustainable flow rate over long period of time.

ESLON Polyethylene Gas Pipe

Product outline

Uses middle density polyethylene that are superior in corrosionresistance and durability. Excellent flexibility and ground deformation-resistance.

"FFU" Synthetic Sleeper

Product outline

"FFU" made from urethane resin reinforced with glass fiver is a new environmental product with the wood-like appearance.

It has high durability and work-ability,and is used for railway sleepers.

CSR Report 2016 “Fiber-Reinforced Foamed Urethane(FFU) Materials Contribute to Safe and Reliable Transportation”

Product specification
SEKISUI Chemical GmbH


Product outline

CROSS-WAVE is a plastic material of underground rainwater storage / recharge system constructed by piling up. Especially, its staggered structure provides outstanding structural stability and security that it has been widely used.

Product specification