Long-term Vision

Long-term Vision "Vision 2030"

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. has formulated its long-term vision "Vision 2030" until fiscal 2030 as given below so as to continue sustainable growth through innovation amid the expectation of significant changes in social issues going forward.

Vision 2030 Overview

Direction (target) and Growth Image

1. Direction of growth in each domain

2. Acceleration of overseas expansion

The SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group will accelerate overseas expansion in each domain and aim to expand sales to one trillion yen in Japan and one trillion yen overseas in fiscal 2030 (sales in fiscal 2019: 854.6 billion yen in Japan, 274.7 billion yen overseas).

3. Entering new fields

In the four domains, the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group will undertake innovations extending from core technologies based on its prominent technological capabilities. It will create new domains, support life, and pursue the creation of "peace of mind that continues into the future" by continuing to generate innovation.

Approach to Expansion of Sustainable Contribution

Proactive Investment

Under the new medium-term management plan "Drive 2022", which leads to "Accelerate preparations for the next stage of growth" in the long-term vision, we have set an investment limit of 500 billion yen, an increase of 300 billion yen from the previous medium-term. A cumulative total of over two trillion yen in investment for growth and R&D expenses is expected to be undertaken between fiscal 2020 and fiscal 2030 while paying attention to being financially sound and improving the probability of getting returns.

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