Group Principle

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group's Principle comprises elements such as our Corporate Philosophy, Group Vision that expresses an ideal form aimed for by the Group in the medium to long term, and our concrete Management Strategies to realize the Group Vision.
Based on "Group Principle", and by the unified efforts of all employees of the group we aim for a corporate group which is sustainable for the next 100 years.

Constitution of Group Principle

Corporate Philosophy-The "3S Principles"

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group aims to meet the expectations of its stakeholders and contribute to society through its business activities, and has embodied this ambition in its Corporate Philosophy called the "3S Principles" (Service, Speed, and Superiority).


At SEKISUI, we serve our stakeholders by creating social, environmental and economic value through responsible business practices.


At SEKISUI, we accelerate innovation by eagerly taking on new challenges, adapting to change and staying ahead of the times.


At SEKISUI, we contribute to society by helping to solve social issues with our superior technologies and quality.

Group Vision

Through prominence in technology and quality,
SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group will contribute to improving the lives of the people of the world and the Earth's environment, by continuing to open up new frontiers in residential and social infrastructure creation and chemical solutions.

Long-term Vision "Vision 2030"

The SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has set its vision statement as "Innovation for the Earth" which embodies the strong desire to support life infrastructure and create "peace of mind that continues into the future" toward the realization of a sustainable society by continuing to generate innovation.

Vision Statement

Innovation for the Earth

In order to realize sustainable society,we support the basis of LIFE and will continue to create "peace of mind for the future".

Management Strategies (Medium-term Management Plan)

We has formulated its medium-term management plan “Drive 2.0” as given below. As the crucial second phase of SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group’s “Vision 2030,” the plan seeks to realize this long-term vision through “Sustainable Growth” and “Accelerate Strategic Innovation.”


The aim of the plan is to realize the Group’s long-term vision “Vision 2030” through “SustainableGrowth” and “Accelerate Strategic Innovation”

Basic Strategy

Three initiatives for enhancing corporate value:

  • Strategic Innovation (Accelerate growth)
    Create & acquire new business by accelerating activities
  • Organic Growth (Profitability)
    Achieve steady growth of organic businesses and refine portfolio
  • Strengthen Sustainability (Reliability)
    Strengthen ESG management base that contributes to new management policy

Target(Fiscal 2025)

Net sales

¥1,410 billion

Operating profit

¥115 billion

ROIC (Return on Invested Capital)


(Return On Equity)