Japan's Largest-scale Verification of Film-type Perovskite Solar Cells at a Port Facility with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

  SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. (President: Keita Kato; hereinafter “SEKISUI CHEMICAL”) has been working with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on the implementation of film-type perovskite solar cells. Today, SEKISUI CHEMICAL announces that it has finished installing film-type perovskite solar cells at the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal and commenced verification at the port facility, which is the largest-scale project in Japan (as of May 24, 2024; according to in-house research).
  SEKISUI CHEMICAL aims to continue the verification until March 28, 2025 to check factors such as wind resistance and durability against salt damage.

[Reference 1] Joint project details

1) Implementation location
  Tokyo International Cruise Terminal, 4F deck area
  Address: 2-chome Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo

2) Purpose
  SEKISUI CHEMICAL considers that port facilities are an important potential market that will contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society, and thus will verify the viability of installing film-type perovskite solar cells at port facilities.
  The electricity generated will be kept in storage batteries and used to light up the TOKYO sign.

3) Division of roles
  Tokyo Metropolitan Government: Overall coordination, Provision of installation sites, etc.
  SEKISUI CHEMICAL: Research plan, Installation, measurement, and analysis of perovskite solar cells, Research and development for application to port facilities, etc.

  • Installed perovskite solar cells
    Installed perovskite solar cells
  • Tokyo International Cruise Terminal and installation site
    Tokyo International Cruise Terminal and installation site

[Reference 2] Future development of film-type perovskite solar cells

  SEKISUI CHEMICAL achieved outdoor durability of 10 years equivalent ahead of the rest of the industry through original “sealing, film formation, materials and process technology,” creating a 30 cm-wide roll-to-roll manufacturing process. This manufacturing process has been successfully used to produce film-type perovskite solar cells with power generation efficiency of 15.0%.
  SEKISUI CHEMICAL will proceed with technological verification as well as installation and construction method establishment through installation in a variety of applications, including this one. It will also leverage the Green Innovation Fund of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) to establish a manufacturing process for 1 m-wide rolls and promote development to further improve durability and power generation efficiency, aiming for commercialization in 2025.



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