Water-Soluble Film with Harsh Chemical Resistance Developed

Samples will be available in October 2014 to new packaging markets


Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. (whose president is Naofumi Negishi)’s High Performance Plastics Company (whose president is Keita Kato) has developed a harsh chemical resistant water-soluble film based on our unique PVOH resin and formulation technology.

Using this film will reduce wasted packaging materials and enable the easy and safe handling of chemicals that require caution when handled. Samples of the film will be available as soon as preparations are complete, with the goal launch date being October 2014. We are planning to target new Japanese and overseas packaging markets such as disinfection, sterilization, pesticides, and chemicals, etc., that make use of the unique harsh chemical resistance characteristics (halide chemicals in particular).


Image of potential packaging options with new water-soluble film

Image of potential packaging options with new water-soluble film


1. Background to the Development

Sekisui Chemical's group vision is to advance the frontiers of the social/housing infrastructure and chemical solutions. We aim to supply plastic products that provide our customers safety and peace of mind in the fields of buildings, infrastructure, and life sciences. Since its founding in 1947, Sekisui Chemical has been producing cellophane tape and other film products. We are experts in high-performance film products in a wide variety of fields such as electronics, automobiles and transportation, packaging, and agriculture.

In July 2009, Sekisui Chemicals bought a PVOH resins business from the Celanese Corporation in America with the aim of assuring the stability of raw materials for interlayer films in laminated glass. We have been focused on expanding into markets beyond interlayer film applications under the "SELVOL" brand since 2011.
For more information about "SELVOL", visit http://www.sekisui-sc.com/ .


2. Future Business Development

Progress towards production continues with the aim of launching product sales in FY2015. Sales will mainly be supervised by the Sekisui Chemical High Performance Plastics Company and the Group's Sekisui Film Co., Ltd. (whose President is Takeshi Inoue). Markets will be cultivated both in Japan and overseas.



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