Group Slogan

Group Slogan

A new frontier, a new lifestyle.

- produce a better world with creative technologies.

The unified global message is "A new frontier, a new lifestyle."

The Group Slogan supports the management strategies drawn up by the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group.
SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group aims to meet the expectations of its stakeholders and contribute to society through its business activities, and has embodied this ambition in its Corporate Philosophy called the "3S Principles" .
Our Group Vision clarifies that we will endeavor to improve the lives of the people of the world and the Earth's environment, while defining residential and social infrastructure creation and chemical solutions as areas of society on which to focus our efforts.

The slogan incorporates our desire
to use unique SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group technologies,
which are rooted in the "3S" spirit, to produce a better world.

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