House performance indication system

Houses ensuring a comfortable life for long periods, should at the same time be earth friendly houses

As awareness of the earth's environment changes drastically, people demand earth friendly houses that effectively utilize limited natural resources. Moreover, such houses must also exhibit superior performance.

Heim's house performance indication system is used to confirm the performance of individual house, as promised before construction, by measuring the performance after completion and before delivery to the customer.

The purpose is to reassure the customers of a comfortable life by informing them of the measured performance.

The performance is measured in terms of the following six aspects in order to ensure comfortable long-term living

Measurement of formaldehyde concentration
Measurement of toluene and xylene concentration
Measurement of "L value" of floor sound insulation performance
Measurement of "C value" of air sealing performance
Calculation of thermal insulation performance (Q) and simulation of utility costs
Calculation of earthquake resistance for the plan
  • *The measurement system can be utilized on demand - simply inform us of your request when making the contract.
  • *Certain items cannot be provided in some areas.