Factory production system

Factory production system

High-tech machine tools help enhance accuracy only in the factory

As the planning and design of Heim are very flexible and variable, over 10,000 members and parts are used to build a single Heim, requiring various kinds of high technology. In particular, connecting portions are processed with the latest machine tools to ensure reliability, as these are structural cornerstones, while factory quality control, applied to the details of processing and assembly, ensures accuracy and reliability.

Computer control room
Arc welder
Nailing machine
Installation of outer walls

Professionals and experts for every production stage

Effortless position to nail on
ceiling member
House wiring

The Heim factory production system is not only dependent on high-tech machine tools and equipment but also employs the skills and knowledge of professionals and experts specialized in their own technical fields to each production stage, where human senses and skilled technique are vital. In addition, the working posture adopted in the factory is more comfortable than on-site, which helps minimize mistakes made at work. High-tech machine tools are combined with the techniques of skilled workers. Optimally exploiting both sides means high performance houses are produced.

Complete quality control supports the high quality

The finished strength of connected portions is inspected daily.

As external forces from earthquakes and so forth build up in the spot welded corners of units, these portions require greater strength. We therefore implement tensile tests on a daily basis to stabilize the strength, meaning stable high accuracy and welding strength can be maintained with quality control that is very difficult to implement at building sites.

This factory production system allows us to achieve quality assurance via a laser measurement device.

A total of 16 portions of welded and finished box units in various sizes instantly have their horizontal and vertical accuracy measured with a laser measurement device to inspect whether accuracy and quality have been maintained or not.

Reconstruction complete within only 60 days

General comparison of standard
construction periods
  • *The construction periods may be extended according to the types and/or sizes of building and special conditions.

We have considerably reduced the construction periods by efficiently manufacturing the majority of the house in our factories. We have also minimized losses from in-house building via complete site management to facilitate rational construction work.

It takes only 60 days from the demolition of old buildings and land consolidation to the delivery of a new house, thus minimizing the inconvenience and cost of finding temporary accommodation.

On-site building takes just one day, and the quality of members is maintained

With conventional on-site building methods, buildings are sometimes soaked by rain during construction. This moisture may cause rusting, corrosion, deterioration and deformation of members and may thus threaten the future performance of the house. Heim's units, furnished with household facilities subject to complete factory quality control, can be assembled in a single day on-site, with the roofs also installed the same day. The high accuracy and quality achieved in the factory can be precisely maintained, since no wind and rain affect the building during its construction.