Medical Business

We create medical products such as diagonostic reagents and analyzers to contribute to full and healthy lives.


We provide various diagnostics reagents, such as for blood coagulation, diabetes, lipids, rheumatism, and infectious diseases, as well as develop, produce, and sell plastic vacuum blood collection tubes. We also offer various types of analyzers, including clinical chemistry auto analyzers and fully-automatic blood coagulation analyzers.

  • ・Lipid analysis technique
  • ・Latex turbidimetric lmmuno assay technique
  • ・Glycan analysis technique
  • ・Immunochromatographic assay technique
  • ・Analyzers (design of automated blood clot analyzer)
  • ・Vacuum blood collection tubes (blood component separation technology)
  • Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemicals

    We carry out contract manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), the active components of pharmaceuticals; pharmaceutical amino acids; and peptides, providing these mainly to pharmaceutical companies.

    • ・Active pharmaceutical ingredients for pharmaceutical product (API)
    • ・Synthesis of APIs peptide
  • Drug Development Solutions

    As R&D support for development of pharmaceutical products, we are contracted by research agencies to conduct various types of evaluation tests, both clinical and non-clinical, at each stage from exploration to applications and post-entry market research.

    • ・Safety study technology
    • ・Clinical study technology
  • Enzymes

    We leverage more than 40 years of technical skills and experience to mass produce recombinant proteins and various enzymes in the UK. We supply diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies around the world with a wide range of raw materials, from raw materials for diagnostics to enzymes that control antibiotic processes and enzymes for use in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, for example. We have launched CDMO business with these technologies and experiences.

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