• Our interlayer film has acquired the functions needed to achieve a sustainable society.

    S-LECTM Sound Acoustic Film, commercialized in 1998, is a product that can maintain in-vehicle quietness, even with thin glass, and contribute to making automobiles lighter while improving comfort. On the other hand, S-LECTM Solar Control Film, commercialized in 2001, can reduce the air conditioner’s power consumption and improve fuel economy by shielding and insulating heat outside the vehicle and controlling rising temperatures within the vehicle.

    Demand for the two functions of sound insulating and heat shielding with one interlayer film has increased, especially from manufacturers that produce eco-cars with high environmental performance standards. Therefore, to meet market expectations, we pursued original R&D and commercialized the world’s first “sound insulating/heat shielding interlayer film” in 2005. High multilayer extrusion technology is required for sound insulation, and high technology is required to uniformly distribute heat shielding particles for heat shielding. It was an extremely difficult mission as we had to achieve these two technologies simultaneously and needed the capacity to perform stable mass production.

  • Sho Fujioka

    High Performance Plastics (HPP) Company

Until now, these products were mainly used for windshields, but due to stricter fuel consumption regulations established by each country and the increasing environmental awareness of drivers, the opportunity is there to pursue higher environmental performance standards, and therefore the use of these products in other glass parts, such as side windows, is expected to rise.

Recently, the use of wedge-shaped interlayer film for Heads-up Displays to project clear images on windshields has been growing due to the need for greater safety. Historically, interlayer film has produced a variety of products that reflect social needs including S-LECTM Sound Acoustic Film, S-LECTM Solar Control Film, and wedge-shaped interlayer film for Heads-up Displays. In partnership with other divisions, I will develop new products after these that will enrich future life. I want to contribute to solving environmental issues by growing and spreading these new products until they become the Company’s mainstay products.