The High Performance Plastic (HPP) Company Today

The Company supplies high-performance materials daily in a wide range of business fields close to our lives such as automobiles, mobile phones, and housing.
In our new Medium-term Management Plan started in fiscal 2017, we will continue to more strongly position the four strategic fields of Electronics, Automobiles and Transportation, Building and Infrastructure, and Life Science. At the same time, we want to focus particularly on businesses and projects that have integrated the Sekisui Chemical Group’s strength, such as car electronics materials, which extends across the strategic fields, materials for transport aircrafts and vehicles and overseas infrastructure materials, which are promoted across the company.

Environment-contributing Products for New Domains in 2017

Ever since the Sekisui Chemical adopted environmental management, the High Performance Plastics (HPP) Company has pursued environment-friendly products and manufacturing processes.
For example, in the Automobiles and Transportation business, S-LECTM Solar Control Film has become widely recognized as a product that helps lower automobile fuel consumption. Our current focus of development in the electronics field is OLED materials, which hold promise as next-generation energy conserving displays.
We are preparing to expand energy conservation activities, mainly pursued at domestic plants, to overseas plants. On the other hand, considering that there are many diverse issues aside from the natural environment in our society, we have expanded the scope of application of “environment-contributing products” to include the area of “social contribution” in our new environmental medium-term plan.
In the field of Life Science, not only are we manufacturing environment-friendly products that enable a 70% or more reduction in waste, but also developing innovative diagnostic reagents that enable two tests to be conducted at one time. We also offer a range of products that contribute to solving social issues that will speed up disease recovery, prevention and treatment support.
In the years ahead, we will increase the number of products that not only contribute to the natural environment, but to the social environment in all the Company’s business domains.

Developing the Groundwork for the Future

What values will we create and what social issues will we solve? By constantly keeping that question in mind and conducting research and development, the added value of the products we create naturally increases.
We are committed to developing indispensable high-performance materials and to providing these products in the future so that everyday products that reach the hands of stakeholders are more environmentally friendly and safe and secure for society.