The Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products Company Today

Now that half a century has passed since Japan’s period of rapid economic growth, much of the social infrastructure built during that time has become superannuated, and measures to address this situation are urgently needed. Demand for products and technologies to update, rehabilitate and repair this infrastructure is growing on a daily basis. As a pioneering plastics manufacturer that was the first in Japan to succeed in the mass production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) piping 65 years ago, the Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products (UIEP) Company has been working to address this growing social demand as quickly as possible with measures to repair aging infrastructure.
Under the themes of finding substitutes for metals, developing new materials and cultivating new uses, we continue striving to help reduce environmental impact on local communities by making use of plastic materials in a wide range of fields.
In fiscal 2017, we are launching the InfraGuard series of products to repair and strengthen degraded concrete and other structural materials. By deploying the series broadly in Japan and overseas, our new medium-term management plan calls for us to steadily roll out new, environmentally considerate products.

Collaboration with Other Entities Essential for Creating New Products

The type of infrastructure we are involved with are assets belonging to all of society. The Company cannot complete such infrastructure alone, particularly when it involves developing new technologies.
To maximize the effectiveness of our limited management resources, we consider alliances with other companies and affiliated companies and the joint development of new products and technologies to be an extremely effective option.
As with social infrastructure, there is also a growing need for measures to address factory obsolescence. We are uniquely positioned with the extensive product capabilities to support the stable operations of plant production equipment, enabling us to propose to customers optimal piping materials for lines that have long lives and are easy to install.
I believe our greatest strengths lie in the track record we have built up over the years and a solid network of partners in a variety of fields.

Product Value Equates to "Environmental Contribution"

In infrastructure products, which have a close connection to people’s lifestyles, I am convinced that product value is “environmental contribution” in and of itself. In that sense, you could say that all the UIEP Company’s products contribute to the environment in some way.
Meanwhile, in fiscal 2017 we will conduct a major overhaul of our technology development departments in the interest of further accelerating new product development.
Based on the concept of “fusion” raised in our new medium-term management plan, we will aggressively pursue R&D that goes beyond the boundaries of the UIEP Company in order to cultivate new demand and develop business in new domains.
I am proud that each of our business facilities is actively engaged in measures to protect the natural environment, and that they are spreading out into unique activities closely linked with the regions where the facilities are located. As our employees engage in these activities, they obtain hints on viewing things from a different perspective. I anticipate a virtuous cycle in which these perspectives are linked to new product developments, and the new products increase our contribution to housing and social infrastructure.