The Housing Company Today

Since its start of operations, the Housing Company has pursued the industrialization of housing production using the unit construction method, addressing various societal issues by meeting the needs of the times, such as by enhancing performance and quality and providing environmentally considerate "smart houses."
Nowadays, more homes are being equipped with solar power generation systems and storage batteries, as well as home energy management systems (HEMSs), to address environmental problems and prepare for disaster. At the same time, efforts are underway to make effective use of resources through sales of second-hand homes and other methods of activating the housing stock.
In fiscal 2016, in collaboration with corporate R&D departments and other companies, we moved forward with smart town verification tests employing a virtual power plant (VPP)* and a cloud-based energy management system (EMS). We also commenced sales of the world’s first homes equipped with film-type storage batteries. Adopting “fusion” as our keyword, we are promoting R&D that goes beyond organizational and departmental boundaries in pursuit of more effective and swifter commercialization.

  • A virtual power plant (VPP) is a system that functions virtually as a single power plant by using a communication network to manage multiple dispersed power sources (such as compact private power generation systems, solar power generators, fuel cells and storage batteries).

Creating Homes from the Homeowner's Perspective

As well as being an individual’s greatest asset, I believe that homes provide the foundation for healthy and cultural lifestyles and have a profound impact on the environment and safety of local communities. Accordingly, as a provider of homes we recognize that the work we undertake comes with substantial social responsibilities.
For instance, in recent years the aging of society has been accompanied by a growing percentage of seniors affected by earthquakes, fires and other disasters. Many seniors find it difficult to evacuate to safe locations, sometimes having no option but to remain in their homes. Furthermore, due to an insufficient number of facilities to accommodate the growing number of elderly people, in-home nursing care is expected to become mainstream, and homes need to satisfy such demands. Recognizing this trend, the Housing Company is working to resolve issues that will emerge as society ages, such as by providing homes that are highly effective at mitigating disaster and conducting refurbishment that facilitates nursing care.

Staying a Step Ahead of the Competition in Addressing Societal Issues

Taking the initiative on societal issues of the time in this manner has contributed greatly to the Housing Company's growth. We have always sought to be at the industry’s forefront on such issues. In the 1970s, we met calls for higher-quality housing with industrialization and quality management methods. As expectations of an aging Japanese society mounted in the 1980s, we built homes that took seniors’ needs into consideration. In the 1990s, we entered the renovation business as the need to leverage housing stocks became more apparent. As global environmental problems materialized in the 2000s, we commenced sales of smart houses that make use of renewable energy. Our stance toward addressing such issues is unchanged, and we will remain at the forefront of societal issues moving forward. I invite you to look forward to our efforts with anticipation.