• Sekisui Chemical Group CSR
  • Recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake
Environment Environment
Continuing to deliver outstanding values toward realization of a planet where biodiversity is maintained
CS & Quality CS & Quality
Pursuing quality always specified by customers, through maximizing the quality of human resources, products, and systems
Human Resources Human Resources
Actively supporting individual prominence and self-realization, and creating an environment where people can thrive

Business and CSR: Efforts of Division Companies

Housing Company Housing Company
We will aim to grow into a company that creates entire environments for living in by providing not only homes ("hard"products), but also lifestyles ("soft" services) to go with them
Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products Company Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products Company
We will aim to become the No. 1 company in housing and social infrastructure stock management, and contribute to building safe, comfortable infrastructure and water environments
High Performance Plastics Company High Performance Plastics Company
"Chemical Solutions"
Contributing to realizing a rich society through advanced technologies centered on the fields of electronics, automobiles and transportation, buildings and infrastructures, and life sciences
Aiming to continue being a company trusted by society, through strengthening compliance on a global basis
Risk Management
Aiming to further strengthen the risk management system to increase sensitivity to risks and improve the quality of risk management activities
Improving Corporate Value through Strengthening Dialogue with Stakeholders