Improving Group Human Resource Capabilities

Securing and training human resources in aiming for sustainable growth


Basic ConceptImproving Group-wide human resources capabilities

As it strives to empower Group human resources to achieve sustainable growth, the Sekisui Chemical Group is advancing a variety of efforts to secure and train human resources. In the area of securing human resources, we are not only keeping new hires above a certain level, but also implementing hiring from a variety of perspectives, including global human resources and diverse human resources, to ensure an appropriate staffing structure. On the subject of training human resources, we are implementing Group-wide efforts combining both the training of human resources to play leadership roles in Group management and the training of human resources to support manufacturing in the field.

Breakdown of Permanent, Full-time Employee by Age in Fiscal 2016 (Sekisui Chemical)
    Under 30 30-39 40-49 50-59 60 and older
Number of permanent, full-time employees by age Male 344 513 1237 830 31
Female 125 80 152 83 1
Permanent, Full-time Employee Turnover in Fiscal 2016 (Sekisui Chemical)
  Male Female
Permanent, full-time employee turnover 33 10
* Retirement and transfers to Group companies are excluded from the reasons for turnover.
Employee Turnover Rate in First Three Years of Employment (Sekisui Chemical)
  Employed in FY2012 Employed in FY2013 Employed in FY2014
Employee Turnover Rate in First Three Years of Employment (%) 5.7 10.7 7.4


Training Systems to Support Our BusinessesPromoting the growth of each employee

The Sekisui Chemical Group has training systems for specific employee grades and specific skills, to meet the needs of employees' career plans. The Sekisui Chemical Group also employs a Division Company system that delegates authority across a broad range of businesses. Based on our basic concept of human resources development and training programs, each division company and Group company operates their own personnel training systems. As a result, we afford each and every employee an opportunity to grow across different working environments and job descriptions.

Employee training cost (Sekisui Chemical Group)
  FY2014 FY2015
Total training cost ¥1,161 millions ¥1,043 millions
Spending per employee ¥58,631 ¥50,499

* Fiscal 2014 and fiscal 2015 show Sekisui Chemical Group figures

Developing Business Leaders

1) Developing business leaders from an early stage

We have developed a consistent training system covering all stages from new hires to management positions, in order to systematically train business leaders to power the Sekisui Chemical Group into the future.

Based on the concept that the foundations of growth are the experience gained through everyday business activities and learning from such experience, we have developed a training system that links these two elements together. Through this system we will enhance each individual's mastery of the skills required of business leaders, by running through the cycle of growth through experience (see illustration below) from when a new hire joins the company through to the management level.

2) Developing employees to fill senior management position going forward

With an eye toward management positions throughout the Group, Sekisui Chemical has established the Saijuku School. This internal training and development tool is designed to help enhance the scope and depth of future business leaders going forward.

Employees participating in the Saijuku School review a wide range of case studies while attending lectures. In addition to the skills required to put forward management strategies, the Saijuku School provides details of important business theories and philosophies. This in turn provides participants with the broad perspective necessary to engage in global business development and to further hone the abilities to think and act. Working to instill a broad mindset that encompasses the Group as a whole, employees are encouraged to take the initiative in their own development and to establish action plans geared toward reform.

Training human resources to support the workplace

Training human resources to support the workplace

The human resources who will support the foundations of management in practical terms in the workplace must undergo self-growth as highly capable practitioners accumulating experience over the long term and acquiring highly specialized knowledge and skills. Based on this concept, the Sekisui Chemical Group hires human resources who will support the workplace as full-time, permanent employees, creates an environment in which they can demonstrate their abilities with peace of mind over the long term, and deploys the Meister System to strengthen their abilities in the workplace.
In the future as well, we will promote measures to strengthen training abilities in the workplace on a Group-wide basis.

Area of Specialization that are Meister* Certified (FY2016)

Group Internal Job PostingSupporting employees' desires to take on challenges and further their careers

The Sekisui Chemical Group supports its employees' willingness to take on challenges and their career plans by providing opportunities to thrive within the Group through posting job openings internally.

Through Group internal job postings, any qualified employee can apply for jobs posted to the intranet, without the approval of their superiors.

In fiscal 2016, 44 job openings were posted internally and 12 employees began new careers inside the Sekisui Chemical Group.



FY2016 Performance and Directions for the FutureExpanding training opportunities at Group companies

Since fiscal 2013, the Sekisui Chemical Group has expanded opportunities for business-leader training throughout the Group. Considering new personnel in management positions at Group companies in Japan to be candidates for the business leaders of the future, we provided group trainings for all 194 personnel promoted to such positions during fiscal 2016.

These trainings raise awareness of Group management by bringing together leadership candidates from the Group in Japan to learn. They also aim to help trainees to grow as leaders of the next generation, equipped with broad perspectives and advanced points of view, through learning the skills they need starting from the fundamentals.



FY2016 Performance and Directions for the FutureMeasures to improve compensation and labor conditions

With the aim of securing and developing personnel throughout the Sekisui Chemical Group that goes beyond company and individual Group company frameworks, we will continually work to upgrade various systems and improve labor conditions based on the results of our analysis of labor conditions at domestic Group companies. We also conduct investigations of not only compensation levels but also the number of holidays and use of paid leave with the intent of optimizing conditions across the entire Group.


Relations between Labor and ManagementCooperation and communications between labor and management

The Sekisui Chemical Group strives to understand the positions of labor unions and respects the opinions of employees. Through close communications, we believe good relations between labor and management are essential for sharing the objective of advancing the company. In Japan in fiscal 2016, there were 4,410 employees in labor unions, and there were 16 independent labor unions in the All-Sekisui Chemical Labor Union Federation.


BenefitsProviding adequate benefits regardless of gender, and welfare benefits to non-full-time employees, including health insurance and childcare leave

At Sekisui Chemical, base salaries are the same for each gender, and proper benefits are provided regardless of gender.
Sekisui Chemical also has systems in place that provide welfare benefits to non-full-time employees, such as contract employees, including healthcare (i.e., health checkups), compensation for disabilities and illnesses that arise at work, and childcare leave. Only indefinite-term employees are eligible to join the Company's life insurance, defined-benefit retirement plans, and shareholding programs.


Periodic Evaluation of Individual Performance and Career Development

Sekisui Chemical creates opportunities for employees to periodically talk with their bosses about setting and evaluating individual performance targets. All occupations and grades of employees are eligible to participate in these discussions.