Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel (Global)

Promoting Efforts to Train Human Resources to Contribute to Accelerating Business Development in Japan and Worldwide

Basic ConceptFostering personnel based on conditions in each area

To achieve the SHINKA (evolution) of our business model, the human resources and organizations supporting such efforts must have vitality. Since the division company system was introduced in the 2000s, the Sekisui Chemical Group has accelerated global business development and endeavored to nurture personnel with the skills to succeed in the global marketplace. To be a global player, we must be able to adapt to different business practices, management, lifestyles and regulations in each country and region. To this end, we are focusing on developing personnel able to adapt globally.

Breakdown of Employee Numbers (the Sekisui Chemical Group)

Breakdown of Employee Numbers (the Sekisui Chemical Group)


Developing Personnel Who Can Succeed on the Global Stage Fostering personnel with international experience to ensure sustainable growth

In fiscal 2016, 23.6% of consolidated sales were generated overseas, and this ratio has been increasing every year. We have production and marketing sites in over 20 countries. We believe that all the businesses of the Sekisui Chemical Group depend on each and every employee working around the world growing through their work and providing excellent products and services in tune with local needs.
Based on this belief, we train our employees so that each and every one of them has the skills to succeed in their jobs. We have training and personnel systems in place tailored to local conditions in the North America/Mexico, Europe, China, and the ASEAN region.

①North America/Mexico

At Group companies in North America/Mexico, we have created opportunities for employees to take trainings about policy management, cultural awareness, and leadership, in order to attract diverse personnel and advance operations in various fields. We also periodically hold sessions about best practices for HR managers in North America. As a measure that emerged from these sessions, we are now seeking to higher more personnel. We aim to raise the level of manufacturing through improvement training and guidance meetings as assistance for manufacturing facilities.


The Sekisui Chemical Group has 19 companies in Europe. In order to advance activities in the European area across national borders and companies, we aim to improve communications in the work environment. More specifically, we are creating and distributing a newsletter that aims to spread information about our companies and businesses. The Sekisui Chemical Group is working hard to spread news about its activities in the European area with the aim of raising the level of awareness among employees at our European companies that they are members of the Sekisui Chemical Group


In China, we launched the China Model Personnel System in fiscal 2015 as the culmination of our examinations to date. By implementing some or all of our qualification, evaluation, registration, wage and training systems to address issues at each Group company, we aim to resolve issues and spread awareness among employees of the Sekisui Chemical Group.


Developing personnel to be immediately effective overseas (global talent employees)

Developing personnel to be immediately effective overseas (global talent employees)

The Company having set up a global talent employee system to nurture global talents, 1,700 domestic Group employees are registered. Registered employees receive the training in cultural differences and specialist tuition necessary for their reassignment overseas. Toward an increased target of 400 global talent employees by fiscal 2016, the Company has been promoting measures designed to enable them to actually gain overseas business experience.


Providing Opportunities to Succeed Overseas

The Sekisui Chemical Group has established the Global Trainee Program to enable participants to build up real-world experience overseas. This program assigns applicants with sufficient levels of experience in positions such as sales, accounting, and development to actual positions at overseas affiliates.
In fiscal 2016, seven employees enlisted in this program and were newly assigned overseas. In the years to come, we will strive to enhance the program so that greater numbers of employees can build up work experience around the world.


Foster Global Management Personnel (Global Saijuku School)

  • Since overseas human resource development has become an urgent task amid the rapid expansion of business globalization, we put the Global Saijuku School into operation to develop the next generation of management personnel who will play an active role in global markets. Nine executives from Group companies in North America, Europe, Asia, and Japan, as well as from our laboratories, took part in a program to enhance the management skills required for personnel to play an active role on the global stage by teaching them about Sekisui's values while reinforcing management and business creation capabilities.

  • A discussion at the Global Saijuku School