Pollution-prevention Products

Protective KYDEX sheeting Protective KYDEX sheeting KYDEX is an acrylic modified high-impact PVC sheeting product that has received GREENGUARD certification, which adds to the LEED certification. The GREENGUARD certification is based on the material having VOC (volatile organic compounds) at a concentration 0.22mg/m2 or lower.
(Fiscal 2016 registration)
Wastewater Treatment Equipment
(Rotating Biological Contactor)
Wastewater Treatment Equipment This equipment cleans wastewater using a microbe membrane that is attached to a rotary disk. Easily controlled when in operation, this product also uses less energy when compared with previously used equipment.
External Water Treatment Membrane System
FILTUBE® This water treatment system removes cloudiness and viruses, contributing to the reuse of wastewater and the reduction of environmental load.
Olefin-Based advantra Hot-Melt Adhesives for Packaging
advantra Compared with EVA-based adhesives, advantra realizes lower volatile organic compound (VOC) content and low odor. This is adhesive is kind to people who work with it and environment friendly, too.
Spot-Type Ambient-Pressure Plasma Processing Equipment
(Automotive Application)
AP/T Spot-Type Ambient-Pressure Plasma Processing Equipment Utilizes plasma gas in the cleaning of oil pans (oil removal) during the automobile engine assembly process.
As no solvents are used, plasma gas dispenses with the need for a wiping off process and decreases VOC emissions.