Emergency and Disaster-Mitigating Products
(Mitigate Damage at Times of Natural Disasters)

Fire-Resistant Materials
Fi-Bloc In the event of a fire, these thermal-expansion, fire-resistant materials increase in size to seal openings, thereby preventing the fire from spreading. They are used in such places as the steel frame insulation of fireproof and quasi-fireproof building structures, compartmentalized passages, and in the openings of fire protection facilities.
These products contribute to a reduction of the waste generated by the loss of resources, renovations and repairs as well in the invested resources following the spread of a fire.
(Fiscal 2015 registration)
CCBOX for Laying Power Cables Underground CCBOX for Laying Power Cables Underground This conduit construction method compactly lays electric power and communications cables in conduits under roads. Damage not only to the cables but also to the surrounding environment is therefore lessened in the event of a natural disaster.
Polyethylene Pipes/Joints
・Gas applications
・Sewer applications
Polyethylene Pipes/Joints Polyethylene pipes and joints for gas and sewer applications that are buried in the ground. Due to their excellent flexibility, these products will reduce damage and protect important infrastructure in the event of a natural disaster.