Products that Contribute to the Performance of End Products that Contribute to the Environment (Intermediate Materials)

OLED sealant: Photolec E OLED sealant: Photolec E Photolec E is used as a sealing agent / adhesive for materials used on OLED display panels where power consumption can be even lower than for LCD, which is already considered a low power consumption method for displays.
(Fiscal 2016 registration)
Foamed Material for Pool Covers/Linings Foamed Material for Pool Covers/Linings Insulating/evaporation prevention sheeting for heated indoor/outdoor pools. By installing this product at indoor/outdoor heated pools, the main material that constitutes the pool cover enables a reduction in the energy needed to maintain pool temperature.
(Fiscal 2015 registration)
ZP Film ZP Film The constituent material for packaging “Zero pack” hot-melt adhesive, an environment-contributing product. A low melting point film for individual packaging use.
LED-Related Materials
・Encapsulating material
・White resist
・Thermal sheeting
LED-Related Materials Indispensable materials for elements of LEDs, energy-efficient light sources. Sekisui Chemical Group is promoting energy conservation by improving the performance of these materials.
Protective Tape for Diffusion Film Protective Tape for Diffusion Film A protective film used in the manufacturing process of diffusion film that comprises the film (DBEF) used to improve the brightness of LED TVs. Used to protect the diffusion film during its transportation to the DBEF factory and during its manufacture.
Separators for Lithium-Ion Batteries
ESFINO Separators for lithium-ion batteries. Used in between the cathode and positive electrode, where they serve to prevent contact between the electrodes. When charging and discharging, their role is to transfer lithium ion electrons between both electrodes. Due to their uniform microporous structure, they are characterized by high cycle lives.
Micropearl SP, GS
Microparticles Used for Gap Control
Micropearl SP, GS Spacers (microparticles used for gap control) for liquid crystal displays that maintain a constant between the liquid crystal cells.
Micropearl AU
Conductive Fine Particles
Micropearl AU In the forming of liquid crystal displays, these metal-plated fine particles on fine particles that have uniform distribution are used as conductive material between LCD glass substrates. (The metal layer on the surface can be formed from a variety of metals.)
Photolec S
UV Sealant
Photolec S In the forming of liquid crystal displays, this sealant is enclosed inside a cell and has the role of preventing the liquid crystal from leaking. Superior in terms of not contaminating the liquid crystals, this sealant is less prone to causing liquid crystal panel display defects.
5400 Series
Highly Transparent Double-Sided Tape
5400 Series Composed entirely of acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive, this extremely high transparency tape is for bonding transparent LCDs, touch panels, and indium tin oxide (ITO) film.
Highly Functional Foam Tape Highly Functional Foam Tape This foam tape possesses high shock-absorbing performance for mobile phone liquid crystal displays. The product prevents damage when a phone is dropped and contributes to improvements in waterproofing.
3800 Series
Double-Sided Tape for Securing LCD Components
3800 Series Developed to secure backlight and LCD modules, this double-sided tape has light-shielding and reflecting functions; its light-shielding functions have been greatly improved by a special multilayer printing process. Endowing the product with a light-reflecting function helps to improve backlight brightness and contributes to saving energy.