Resource-saving (Raw Material-reducing) Products

Sound-absorbing Paneling with Built-in Reflector Plates Sound-absorbing Paneling with Built-In Reflector Plates Sound-absorbing paneling developed for use on the shinkansen (bullet train) network. Realizes a reduction in noise through its high noise abatement performance and without raising the height of the walls, as was the case with the previously used method. In comparison with the previously used product, fewer raw materials are used.
(Fiscal 2015 registration)
UV Strong UV Strong Piping used outside, for example at plants and factories. These products dispense with the need for repainting due to the two-layer extrusion molding, in which the outer layer was made highly weatherproof. This product has reduced the amount of raw materials used and the material processing required for maintenance.
(Fiscal 2015 registration)
Reusable System Houses
URU Reusable houses from which more than 85% of the Sekisui Heim-constructed portion (excluding the foundations) is disassembled when rebuilt or moved to a new location.
Paint for Renovating Exterior Walls Paint for Renovating Exterior Walls The painting of exterior walls for the maintenance of a home's exterior or to improve its design. Due to the paint's long service life, the frequency of maintenance is lower and the amount of paint generally used reduced.
Plastic Studs
Recycled Building Materials
Plastic Studs These plastics studs are made from the recycled scrap generated during the manufacture of packaging material. They have excellent resistance against water, termites, and corrosion.
Rifare EX
Synthetic Lumber
Rifare EX For its raw material, Rifare EX synthetic lumber makes use of recycled wood flour from pulverizing the leaf material, wood chips and shavings generated during the manufacture of lumber and the dismantling of wooden structures as well as forest thinnings together with recycled resin. This product can be used for exterior applications such as residence balconies.
Triple-layer Foam Pipes
Eslon® A raw material made from post-consumed PVC pipes is utilized as an interlayer. Sandwiching the foam interlayer in between solid inner and outer walls of new PVC materials makes a triple-layer product.
Recycled Building Materials
ASHERA Wood ASHERA Wood uses recycled materials such as fly ash generated from fossil fuel power plants and recycled plastics from shopping bags and other ordinary household plastics. The surface is coated with highly weatherproof wood-filled resin to reproduce the feel of wood. Thanks to its superior water resistance, ASHERA Wood is ideal as the material for decking at commercial facilities and for jetties.
Tough Rope
Disk Winding and Polar Winding
Tough Rope The disk-winded flat rope contains at least 50% recycled polyethylene. The polar-winded braided rope contains at least 50% recycled polypropylene.
Resin Tatami
MIGUSA® Tatami made with highly durable polypropylene and other natural inorganic materials. The product is more durable than natural straw tatami and thus also retains its beauty longer.
Sluice Valve Housing Pedestal Mount Sluice Valve Housing Pedestal Mount A plastic pedestal mount for a sluice valve housing. Used to position the cylindrical valve to operate the sluice that serves the function of regulating the volume of water flowing through the main sewer pipe. As regards the materials from which the product is made, these are 100% reused polyethylene sewer pipes recovered from within Hokkaido at the end of their operational use.
Recycled PP Sheet Recycled PP Sheet More than 50% pre-consumed material was used in the making of this polyolefin sheet, recycled material that is used in point of purchase (POP) promotional materials and other applications.
Recycled PET Plate and Sheet Recycled PET Plate and Sheet General-purpose PET plate and sheet used in a wide range of applications—from store decorations, such as transparent and durable displays and POP materials, to industrial-use machinery covers—for which 100% recycled PET materials are used.
Sheet Used for Stationery Folders
Polysaymu Sheet processed into stationery folders according to customers' wishes. These products are made with a recycled PP content ratio of 70%.
Recycled Three-layered Joints, Sockets Recycled Three-layered Joints, Sockets Even using recycled materials for their inner layers, recycled three-layered joints and communal sockets used for sewers for which 100% recycled PVC is used for the intermediate layer.
Bathroom Doorway Frames Bathroom Doorway Frames Frame material used in bathroom doorways. A proprietary, two-layer, extrusion-molded product for which a high proportion of recycled polystyrene is used for the inner layer foam.
Water-Retaining Cregare
Cool-feeling Tiles
Water-Retaining Cregare Balcony decorative floor materials for which a high proportion of recycled materials (pottery waste, discarded glass) is used.
Tiles have fine pores and the ability to absorb and retain water for a continuous water sprinkling effect.
C34 Baseboard
Home Interior Building Material Baseboard
C34 Baseboard A two-layer molded product, this baseboard displays excellent workability and water resistance, for which recycled PS foam resin is used in the inner layer.
ABS Recycling System for Thermoforming-Use Extruded Sheet ABS Recycling System for Thermoforming-Use Extruded Sheet A mechanism by which a buyback contract is signed with a customer, the remnants from each operator are purchased and pulverized and then recycled for the same application.
Example: Parts used in vehicle applications
Recycled Containers
GREEN LABEL These containers are made from 100% recycled materials, using plastic recyclable waste from households and discarded plastic from businesses.
Transparent Eco-Duster
Dust Bin for Segregating Waste Materials
Transparent Eco-Duster This is a completely transparent dust bin that makes it easy to separate waste materials. Made partly from recycled plastic PET bottles, this product has earned the Eco Mark certification and been certified under the Recycling Promotion Logo system.
Sleeve Holders Sleeve Holders Components for which 100% recycled PP is used as raw material. Improving on the previously common pipe sleeve installation method of fixing with wire, sleeve holders are used and merely inserted into a steel reinforcing bar for ease of installation.