Resource-saving (Water-conserving, Water-recycling) Products

Eslon® Rain Station®
Rainwater Storage System
Eslon Rain Station Rain Station is a rainwater storage system that is capable of efficiently removing the earth and sand contained in inflowing rainwater. The system can be installed in various locations regardless of size.
Polyethylene Water Pipes
EsloHYPER These polyethylene (PE) pipes can be used in a variety of locations, for example, underground and in pits, and also can be installed vertically for water supply. Since pipes and fittings are joined using electrofusion, water leaks can be prevented.
Drainage Pipes for Use with twin Tornado Flush Toilets Drainage Pipes for Use with twin Tornado Flush Toilets Used without wasting the momentum at the time of flushing by controlling the flow of water being discharged from the toilet bowl with guides. As the integral structure of the discharge pipe has no socket/requires no fitting, installation in confined spaces is possible.
Eslon Kopf's System Eslon Kopf's System A system that supplies water to a paddy field at natural pressure, discharges water and adjusts the water level. Water is saved by combining a Kopf's unit that can control the use and discharge of water from a single location, a natural pressure pipeline that leaves the existing main drainage ditches and only feeds by pipeline the small irrigation ditches, and Fukamizukun, a water regulator that is even compatible with terraced rice fields.
Water-Saving Bathtub Water-Saving Bathtub A modular bathtub for detached housing and housing complexes.
By having the bathtub fit the shape of the body ergonomically, this product has made it possible to reduce the amount of water required to maintain that just got into the bath feeling without having to make any changes.
Cross Wave
Rainwater Storage System
Cross Wave Cross Wave water retention units control the amount of rainwater flowing in sewers and rivers at times of torrential rain and provide a storage system that enables the reuse of rainwater.
Coapresta® Series
Automated Coagulation Analyzer CP3000
Automated Coagulation Analyzer CP3000 Equipment that automatically assays blood coagulation parameters qualitatively and quantitatively and measures the coagulation time. Enables a reduction in the amount of purified water used in cleaning.