GHG-reducing/Energy-conserving Products

Housing Equipped with Solar Power Generation Systems. Equipped with:
  • Solar power generation systems
  • Storage batteries
  • Smart Heim Navi (HEMS)
Housing Equipped with Solar Power Generation Systems. Equipped with: Residences equipped with solar panels, storage batteries, and home energy management systems (HEMS), which enable the visualization of energy usage, are able to create, store, and conserve energy.
S-LEC Automotive-use Interlayer Films
  • Insulation
  • Soundproofing
  • Insulation
  • Soundproofing
S-LECTM Interlayer films serve functions in the glass used in automobiles and in construction. Their sound-dampening function enables the glass to be thinner, realizing materials that are lighter in weight, while their insulation performance improves the efficiency of air conditioners.
Famis Energy Saving Reform Famis Energy Saving Reform Refurbishing business focuses on comfort, safety and security, and energy saving. The business is contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by continuously introducing energy saving devices and equipment.
(Fiscal 2016 registration)
Underground Eslo heating Underground Eslo heating Temperatures underground are more stable throughout the year when compared to temperatures above ground. Using underground temperatures, which are relatively warmer in the winter and relatively cooler in the summer, for heating and cooling allows the saving of energy and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
(Fiscal 2016 registration)
Geothermal Eslo Heat Geothermal Eslo Heat This system utilizes underground thermal energy by installing heat collection pipes (underground heat exchanger) in the earth where temperatures remain stable throughout the year. With the development of new high-performance heat collection pipes, it is now possible to install a horizontally oriented system for heat removal in shallow layers located 1-10 meters underground.
(Fiscal 2016 registration)
SCG Housing
Thai Housing
SCG Housing Thai Housing Manufactured and sold in Thailand, housing that features high energy conservation and durability. Contributes to reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs) in Thailand.
(Area contribution)
(Fiscal 2015 registration)
  • Smart Heim City
  • Smart Heim Town
Smart Heim City Smart Heim Town The organized construction of homes equipped with solar power generation, storage batteries, and HEMS, sales business for subdivisions and elsewhere that have town creation guidelines.
(Fiscal 2015 registration)
Expanded Air Ducts Expanded Air Ducts Air ducts (air piping leading to an outlet vent) used in automobile air conditioning. Compared with ducts of the same shape of the solid (non-foam) type, these air ducts reduce the weight of parts and contribute to a reduction in automobile fuel consumption.
(Fiscal 2015 registration)
  • Smart Mado Cool Thermal Barrier Screen Kit
  • Shanetsu Cool Net Thermal Barrier Screen Materials
Smart Mado Cool Thermal Barrier Screen Kit Shanetsu Cool Net Thermal Barrier Screen Materials Featuring a stainless coating on polyester mesh, netting for fixing to windows and sashes that has a high thermal barrier effect. Can be attached to any window by the frame and magnets.
(Fiscal 2015 registration)
Airyshade Fractal Sunshade エアリーシエード Made from plastic, sunshade material that has a fractal structure. Has a heat island control effect that regulates any rise in temperature in the area under the sunshade.
High Impact Strength Sheeting for Aircraft Use
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • PC
High Impact Strength Sheeting for Aircraft Use Recyclable PVC plates that satisfy the aircraft industry’s stringent safety regulations and aesthetic requirements and thus can be used for passenger seats and tray tables and other items while realizing weight savings compared with the previously used products.
AP/S Ambient-pressure CVD Equipment AP/S Ambient-pressure CVD Equipment In the equipment that makes films for the substrates used in the semiconductor process, improves on the conventional chemical vapor disposition (CVD) method by moving from the previous system to one in which vacuum equipment or plasma equipment dispense with the need for heat in making the film. Thanks to proprietary technologies, enables film of uniform thickness to be applied even to large-area substrates, which had been difficult to achieve with the previous heat CVD method.
Extra-Insulated Housing for Cold Climates
Chezdan Houses for cold climates that realize extremely high thermal insulation performance (I region; a Q value of 0.99W/m²K). Compared with the next-generation energy conservation standard housing (a Q value of 1.6W/m²K), enable a reduction in Hokkaido heating energy of more than 50%.
(Awarded the Energy Conservation Center, Japan [ECCJ] Chairman’s Prizeat the 2007 Energy Conservation Grand Prize)
Grand Two-U
Fully Air-Conditioned Housing
Grand Two-U Housing built to the 2×6 construction method for high thermal insulation and airtightness.
Realizes a Q value of 1.6W/m²K.
Comfort Sash
Parts for Replacement Window Openings
Comfort Sash Easily fitted replacement sashes that enable single-pane glass to be replaced with double-pane glass by replacing the sash only, rather than removing the existing sash frame of housing window openings. Comfort Sash contributes to energy savings by reinforcing the thermal insulation of the window openings.
Thermotect Bath
Thermally Insulated Bathtubs
Thermotect Bath Featuring bath insulation materials with enhanced heat retention qualities, the radiation heat insulation sheets on the sides and back of the tub pan block cold air and realize energy savings.
Insulation Material
Phenovaboard With the industry's highest thermal insulation performance (thermal conductivity = 0.019W/m.K), this material can provide the same insulation performance with less than half the thickness of glass wool. Due to its good durability and fire retardant characteristics, Phenovaboard can be used for construction methods that require insulation to be affixed to building exteriors and as underfloor material.
Sekisui Protectcoat (SP)
Thermal Barrier Coating
Sekisui Protectcoat (SP) Sekisui Protectcoat (SP) radiates most of the heat from the sun back into the atmosphere. The product also controls the temperature of the surface where the product has been applied by the use of special heat-radiating materials that have high heat-exchange characteristics, including when being applied. Preventing the temperature inside buildings from rising, SP helps reduce the usage of air conditioners.
Radiation Air-conditioning Panels Radiation Air-conditioning Panels An integrated product that has an EsloMETAX heat dissipation coil attached to aluminum system ceiling panels. The system heats and cools the room interiors by having hot or cold water flowing through the inside of the coil. Compared with ordinary air conditioning, the energy-saving efficiency is greater, as the air-conditioning method is not susceptible to the effects of temperature.
Hard Foam Board
Zetlon This non-crosslinked, closed-cell hard foam board has polypropylene as its main raw material. Since the rugby ball-shaped foam is arrayed in the thickness direction, the product is characterized by its light weight and compression resistance. Its main application is as underfloor material. Due to its insulation properties, which are superior to those of plywood, the product contributes to the improved thermal efficiency of underfloor heating.
External Barrier Drain Pipe
  • Eslon™ ACD
    (AC Drain) pipe
  • Fittings
External Barrier Drain Pipe An integrated, molded-resin product, a drain pipe fitted with thermal insulation for air-conditioners (for use in offices, hotels, and hospitals). Highly rated in life cycle assessments for having replaced cast iron pipes with PVC pipes, the product also reduces CO2 emissions.
Thermobreak Pipe Insulation Material
Thermobreak Pipe and duct insulation material that has aluminum foil on the outside. Its thermal insulating performance does not decrease due to condensation, unlike glass wool.
PIR Board
Residential-use Insulation Material
PIR Board PIR Board is a residential-use insulation material for which polyisocyanurate-modified rigid polyurethane foam is used. The material displays high flame retardant and thermal insulation properties.
Wall Insulation
Heat Insulation Material for Use in Outer Walls of Housing
Wall Insulation Thermal insulation material for exterior walls and roofs that features low thermal conductivity due to glass wool and having been laminated with aluminum foil.
(Automotive applications)
ADVANCELL EM Expandable microspheres that, when heated, expand to 50–100 times their size and create spherical balloons. Since the material takes its cell structure from uniform closed-cell foam, lightweight molded materials with a good outer appearance are obtainable by mixing at the time of molding. Utilization in automotive components improves fuel consumption and contributes to reduced CO2 emissions.
Alveosoft® SA
Alveosoft SA Rigid Foam for Use in Vehicle Floors
Alveosoft Used as soundproofing in the floor material of primarily van-type vehicles and commercial vehicles. Less than half the weight of the previously used wood material and asphalt sheet material due to the product being used bonded to lightweight plastic board material, there product contributes to improved vehicle fuel consumption.
Caption: Lightweight plastic board material
PP High-Magnification Foam Molded Products for Vehicle Use PP High-Magnification Foam Molded Products for Vehicle Use As automotive parts resulting from internal foam molding technologies, these reduce the weight of components even more than the previously used solid (non-foaming) molded products and contribute to improvements in automobile fuel economy.
Film for Integrated Packaging
Polyshrink Polyshrink™ is a film for integrated packaging use that replaces cardboard to hold six or 24 drink cans/PET bottle beverages. According to the results of a life cycle assessment comparison, enables the emission of less than half the CO2 of the previously used cardboard integrated packaging.

GHG-reducing/Energy Creation/Energy Storage Products

Large-Capacity Film-Type Lithium-Ion Battery Large-Capacity Film-Type Lithium-Ion Battery Our large-capacity film-type lithium-ion battery is based on technology developed in-house. It is thin, lightweight, high capacity, very safe, and we have launched sales for home applications. The battery makes good use of renewable energy, including solar power, and can provide for a safe and comfortable life even in times of disaster.
(Fisical 2016 registration)
Renovations Involving Equipping Homes with Solar Power Generation Systems Renovations Involving Equipping Homes with Solar Power Generation Systems Renovation business that installs solar power generation systems in Heim and Two-U homes that do not have them.
Apartments Equipped with Solar Power Generation Systems Apartments Equipped with Solar Power Generation Systems Energy-creating apartments equipped with high-capacity photovoltaic cells by using flat roofs.
Smart House Renovations
  • Storage batteries
  • HEMS
Smart House Renovations Renovation business to make existing homes compatible with Smart House. Brings about improvements in power self-sufficiency rate by equipping them with HEMS and storage batteries and contributes to the stabilization of power supply in society as a whole by regulating peak power capacity.
Geothermal Energy System
Rib-Cool Air-conditioning system for which plastic heat-exchange pipes are buried in the ground to utilize geothermal heat. The system is characterized by low power consumption.

GHG-Reducing/Other Products

Kucho Hyper CH Kucho Hyper CH Kucho Hyper CH is a high-performance polyethylene tube for air conditioner piping. These polyethylene tubes are optimal for cold water applications. Compared with conventional carbon steel pipe used in this application, these polyethylene tubes are lighter, more durable, and excel in corrosion resistance, making it possible to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the product lifecycle.
(Fiscal 2016 registration)
Soundproofed Rail Covers Soundproofed Rail Covers Rail covers to suppress the noise (rolling sounds) from train lines. Although achieving the same degree of noise suppression, drawing on the Company's damping technologies and a unique structure reduces the weight of soundproofing required. Thus this product emits only small amounts of GHG during its lifecycle.
(Fiscal 2015 registration)
European PVC Guttering/Rainwater Storage Tank European PVC Guttering/Rainwater Storage Tank Guttering to collect and discharge rainwater from European homes, factories, and warehouses. The rainwater storage tank is sold in a set with guttering and enables the watering of the lawn and flower beds of homes with gardens. (Area contribution)
(Fiscal 2015 registration)
KYDEX Sheet for Makeup Table Use KYDEX Sheet for Makeup Table Use Used for makeup table surfaces, such as on furniture, exhibition/display stands, and counters. Plastic sheet for thermoforming that enables complex 3D molding. Compared with the previously used products, the CO2 emissions are lower throughout the lifecycle.
(Fiscal 2015 registration)
Steritena Series
Liquid Transport/Storage Containers for Use with Medicines That Have Undergone Gamma-ray Sterilization Processes
Steritena Series Delivery-use medical containers that have undergone optimal high-level sterilization treatment for the transport/storage of food, pharmaceuticals, etc.These products have enabled the replacement of the previously used glass containers, which were essential in the transport and storage of food and pharmaceuticals. This was achieved by improving on the resin containers that had previously been difficult to sterilize up to the required level and making it possible to treat them with high-level sterilization (gamma-ray sterilization treatment).
(Fiscal 2015 registration)
Super EsloMETAX EC
Metal-reinforced Polyethylene (PE) Pipes
Super EsloMATEX EC Super EsloMETAX EC pipes are used for connecting the heat pumps of EcoCute, which uses about 20% of the energy of conventional water heaters, to water tanks. The product maintains water temperature without the need for additional insulation, even on parts exposed to the elements.
Fire-Shield VP Pipes and DV Fittings for Buildings Fire-Shield VP Pipes and DV Fittings for Buildings Conventionally, steel pipes have been required in fire walls and floor penetration. Fire-shield pipes and fittings make it possible to switch from steel to plastic, thanks to their increased fire resistance. Viewed from the product life cycle point of view, the volume of CO2 emitted is less than the products previously used.
Functional Polyolefin Sheet
Forte Used in place of metal, shape-retaining sheet material that can be freely changed in shape yet retains its shape even after deformation. Also makes recycling easy owing to its light weight. Used as an alternative to aluminum plate, reduces CO2 emission in the product life cycle.
Materials for Temporary Road Surfaces
Pla-Road Used as plastic road (recycled plastic blocks), a temporary road construction method that lays steel metals plates on top. Compared with the previous method (a temporary road method that combined materials, such as mountain sand, broken stones, and rail crossties, with steel plates), enables shorter construction periods and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. A construction method that enables recycling.
Film for Use in the Integrated Packaging of Canned and PET Bottle Beverages
Polyshrink A high-strength shrink film used in the distribution of heavy objects, including canned beverages and PET bottle beverages. Reduces CO2 emissions when compared with the cardboard boxes used previously.