Environmental Education

The Sekisui Chemical Group maintains environmental training programs based on the policies of its long-term vision.

With the aim of fostering ideal employees who can take us one step closer to achieving our vision, the Sekisui Chemical Group developed educational programs in 2014. We are making environmental education a core value to think and act on their own in terms of contributing to the environment through actions for realizing an Earth with maintained biodiversity.


Long-term environmental education and training

To realize the ideal environmental personnel in 2030, we are gradually shifting the core of our education programs from basic knowledge improvement to creating opportunities to put knowledge to practice.

Education system Scheduled Transition in Education Program Core
Education system
Scheduled Transition in Education Program Core


Environmental Education in Fiscal 2016

1) Established global training system

In fiscal 2016, we continued to hold participation-style training programs. At brainstorming sessions for environment managers held in Japan, China and Europe, workshops were conducted for learning specific ways of putting efforts into practice while identifying issues to address in each area, such as how to respond to a notification about difficulties in disposing of waste, or how to approach revisions to ISO 14001: 2015 documentation.

At brainstorming sessions in China, discussions centered on ways to reduce waste and case studies about violations of local laws. These sessions were recorded and saved on DVDs for use as an environmental educational tool at each business site.


Overseas training session for environmental managers in Europe

Overseas training session for environmental managers in Europe


Chinese version of environmental education tool (DVD)

Chinese version of environmental education tool (DVD)


2) Implementation of rank-based training

In continuation from fiscal 2014 and fiscal 2015, we offered an employee rank-based training system. In fiscal 2016, Sekisui Chemical’s managers and business site managers were given opportunities to deepen their understanding of the importance of environmental activities. In order to spread environmental activities to each department, e-learning programs were provided to introduce environmental topics that are essential to supporting corporate management in the future, such as SDGs and socially responsible investment.


Environment e-learning for managers

Environment e-learning for managers


Environmental Medium-term Plan (2014-2016): Achievements and Issues

The Sekisui Chemical Group was able to quantify the outcomes of educational programs by measuring changes in employee awareness and knowledge before and after Environmental Education.

We also enhanced programs for learning basic knowledge about the environmental initiatives of the Sekisui Chemical Group and its Long-term Environmental Management Vision, offering these programs at overseas business sites as well. We adjusted the curriculum and teaching methods in a bid to improve employee abilities to put environmental activities into practice.



Approach to Environmental Training in New Environmental Medium-term Plan (2017-2019)

1) Programs that support reforms for putting efforts into practice

During the environmental medium-term plan through fiscal 2016, a survey at the company (organization) level to understand the degree of environmental knowledge and awareness did not reveal any disparities by region, but there were some by occupation and rank.

Under the new environmental medium-term plan, we will create a framework for putting efforts into practice, developing tools that let individual employees grasp their own level of understanding and degree of participation in environmental activities, as a guidepost for their further refinement.


2) Creation of training packages for mid-career hires

For each and every employee of the Sekisui Chemical Group to have a common awareness of the environment, we give new employees a set of education tools (books, DVDs, etc.,) when they join a Group company or come to Sekisui Chemical as a mid-career hire.


3) Others

The training programs that were effectively implemented under the environmental medium-term plan through fiscal 2016 will continue to be provided, albeit with a few tweaks, under the new environmental medium-term plan.