Environmental Accounting

To fulfill our reporting responsibilities as a company and promote environmental management, we compile data on the cost and benefits of our environmental conservation activities.

Compilation MethodThe Sekisui Chemical Group refers to public guidelines and adds its own concepts.


Calculation is conducted by referring to the Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005 issued by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, with the addition of the Sekisui Chemical Group’s own concepts, such as external economic benefits (estimated effects).


【Scope of environmental accounting】

  • (1) Summation period: April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017

    • (2) 

    • Scope of summation: 40 target production sites + 5 laboratories + each department of Headquarters + back offices of division companies + 15 housing sales companies.

      Business sites removed from the scope of summation in fiscal 2016 are listed below.

      Removed sites: Four production sites of Sekisui Film Co., Ltd. (removed from the scope of consolidation) and Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.’s Amagasaki Plant (business transfer)

    • (3) 

    • Principle of summation

      • Depreciation amounts are the same as those for financial accounting.
      • Investment amounts are based on budget approvals during the summation period.
      • Expenditures and investments that contain other than environmental conservation activities are distributed pro-rata in 10% increments.



Environmental Conservation Costs



For details, please refer to pages 8-9 (Sekisui Chemical Group Environmental Accounting) of the Data Book (PDF)PDF