Prominence in Environment

Continuing to Provide Prominent Value toward the Realization of the Earth with Maintained Biodiversity

Our Philosophy

The Sekisui Chemical Group aims for a planet in which the air, water and land provide a healthy living environment for its inhabitants and fosters robust biodiversity. Our daily lives and economic activities are sustained by the natural capital provided by our planet. The Sekisui Chemical Group envisions a planet and society like this.

Our daily business activities aim for the realization of a planet where biodiversity is preserved, as we help return natural capital through higher sales of Environment-contributing Products, while preventing any increases in the emission of greenhouse gases, refraining from the overuse of natural resources, avoiding any additional impacts on ecosystems, and other efforts to halt the depletion of natural capital.

* Natural capital: A term that refers to physical capital, such as soil, air, water, minerals, flora, and fauna, as well as biological capital, human capital, and social capital.

Sekisui Chemical Group “Environmental Management Policy” Sekisui Chemical Group “Environmental Management System”