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Human Rights, Supply Chain, R&D, Intellectual Property

Human Rights and Supply Chain Initiatives

In light of the increases in production and procurement taking place in developing countries, which involve high levels of human-rights risks, as globalization of its businesses advances, Sekisui Chemical Group has revised its related policies.

Revision of the Basic Policy on Human Rights

The need not to participate in human rights violations, as specified in the UN Global Compact and ISO 26000, has been added to the text on respect for human rights and prohibition of discrimination.

Procurement Policy

Sekisui Chemical Group procures materials based on the five fundamental concepts of openness; fairness and equity; legal compliance; mutual trust; and consideration for the environment. In addition to quality and delivery times, suppliers are requested to give consideration to the environment, comply with laws, regulations, and societal norms, and ensure health and safety in their own companies. Since 2007, we have been conducting surveys on CSR efforts targeting suppliers and working to ascertain the results. In fiscal 2014 we also has begun efforts toaddress conflict minerals.

Lumber Procurement

For structural lumber materials, which account for the bulk of lumber used in homes, we use certified lumber such as that certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Such certified lumber is procured lawfully from properly managed forests.

R&D and Intellectual Property Initiatives


Headquarters and each business section have R&D sections that work to increase the speed of technological development and create outstanding technologies.

The Invention Grand Prize has been established as one part of efforts to ensure researchers and engineers receive the evaluations and treatment they deserve. The Invention Grand Prize establishes monetary rewards for inventors of inventions recognized to make major contributions to profits.

Intellectual Property

Under the basic policy of securing business competitive strength through obtaining strong patents, we are striving to improve quality and raise awareness in development through efforts including evaluation and training of employees.