Our Approach to CSR

Engaging in Activities in line with the Policies of the CSR Medium-term Plan

Basic StancePillar of CSR Management

Contributing to society through business activities is the pillar of CSR at Sekisui Chemical Group and rests entirely in the practice of the 3S Principle of the Group's corporate philosophy. We believe advances in CSR management lead to a higher quality of corporate management.

With this understanding, we proactively engage in CSR management regardless of the business environment in order to achieve sustainable growth and innovation in our businesses. We must continue to change and evolve.

Key ThemesThree Prominences, Pledge to Society, Governance, Stakeholder Engagement

The Sekisui Chemical Group has positioned CSR, and in particular "resolving social issues through business activities" and "promoting social responsibility in business practices" at the heart of its management strategy. Every effort is being made to deepen mutual understanding through constructive dialogue with stakeholder and to properly grasp stakeholder expectations. Making the most of these endeavors in the ongoing conduct of its business, the Sekisui Chemical Group is making the pledge to society to responsibly promote activities in terms of the Group's three prominences in the environment, CS & Quality, and human resources and to promote safety, compliance and respect for human rights, and a sound workplace environment across all of its business processes. In this manner, the Sekisui Chemical Group will work to realize its Group Vision through its business activities and contribute to further enhancing the sustainability of the environment and society.

Three Prominences, Pledge to Society