CSR Management

Promoting CSR Management Across the Group as a Whole in an Effort to Increase Corporate Value

CSR Management StructureThe CSR Committee, with Participation by Top Management and Employee Representatives

As a venue for deliberation on CSR management, the Sekisui Chemicals Group has set up the CSR Committee. Under the umbrella of this Committee, the Group has established five subcommittees covering the environment, CS & Quality, human resources, safety, and compliance.

Chaired by the President, the CSR Committee's membership also includes the executive officer responsible for the Business Strategy Department serving as deputy chairperson, the president of each division company, headquarters directors, and three employee representatives including the chairperson of the central executive committee of the Sekisui Chemical Labor Union. All members of the CSR Committee are working diligently to improve committee deliberations and measures.

CSR Committee/Subcommittee Structure

Awareness Toward CSR within the CompanyMeasures Aimed at Promoting Widespread Internal Awareness Toward CSR in Japan and Overseas

The Sekisui Chemical Group has positioned CSR at the heart of its management strategy and recognizes that each and every employee is the driving force behind promoting CSR. For these reasons, every effort is being made to heighten awareness among employees of the Company's approach toward CSR and its initiatives. Based on this awareness, employees are expected to take the initiative and to ensure that CSR is incorporated into every facet of their activities.

In Japan, the Sekisui Chemical Group conducts CSR training at the time employees are newly recruited. This includes the hiring of new graduates as well as mid-career recruits. Training also extends to new assistant managers and managers at each level of promotion. The training itself takes a variety of forms from lectures to a review of case studies.

In addition, the Sekisui Chemical Group pushes forward measures aimed at increasing awareness toward CSR overseas. This takes into consideration the growing global nature of the Group's business. In fiscal 2016, CSR assessments of manufacturing companies were undertaken in the European, U.S., and China areas. The Group's CSR targets (KPIs) are identified as an evaluation category. After clarifying evaluation criteria, steps are taken to prepare feedback sheets that enable a comparison of each company's performance with the previous fiscal year's results and the average for the area. These sheets are provided to the president of each company for attention. In addition to sharing CSR targets globally, this initiative is helping to improve the measures of each company.