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CSR Medium-Term Plan

The Sekisui Chemical Group is promoting a Medium-Term Plan that is Grounded in the Key Words: Group, Global, and Communication.

Three Prominences

CSR Medium-Term Plan (Fiscal 2014-2016)

Three Prominences
  Key measures Targets FY2015 Results
  • Further Penetration of CSR management
  • Rollout into individual business plans
  • Establishment of a CSR training structure
  • 1. Expand sales of Environment-
        Contributing Products
  • Percentage of net sales: 50% or more
  • Percentage of net sales: 44.3%
  • 2. Reduce environmental impact
        1 )  Reduce greenhouse-gas
        2 )  Reduce waste
        3 )  Address water risks
  • Identical targets in Japan and overseas
    ・Maintain total volume (vs. FY2013)
    ・12% reduction per unit of output
       (vs. FY2013)
  • Ascertain current conditions and draft countermeasures
  • Reduced by 9.9% in Japan and 0.6%
    ・Increased by 4.4% in Japan and
      reduced by 9.1% overseas
    ・Completed inspections at 50 business
      sites in Japan and 48 overseas
      business sites
  • 3. Conserving the natural
  • Participation of all employees in Sekisui Environment Week
    (Participation rate: 100%)
  • 10-point improvement in the JBIB Land Use Score Card®
  • Sekisui Environment Week participation rate: 67%
  • 8.0-point improvement in the JBIB Land Use Score Card®
CS & Quality
  • 1. Improve Basic Qualities
  • Zero major quality issues
  • Halve external failure costs (vs.FY2013)
  • Zero major quality issues
  • Reduced by 5% (vs.FY2013)
  • 2. Improve Attractive Qualities
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Issued VOICE, a compilation of feedback from customers
Human Resources
  • 1. Strengthen Group human
  • Increase internal job postings by 30/year
  • Increased internal job postings by 43/year
  • 2. Train global talent employees
  • Number of global talent employees: 400
  • Number of global talent employees: 329
  • 3. Promote diversity
        (Women, the elderly, non-
        Japanese people, people with

  • Percentage of women among new hires: 30%
  • Percentage of international hires: 20%
  • Percentage of women among new hires: 27%
  • Percentage of international hires: 25%
Three Attitudes of Sincerity
  Key measures Targets FY2015 Results
  • 1. Prevent corruption and fraud
  • Zero occurrences
  • Zero occurrences
  • 2. Prevent major compliance

  • Zero occurrences
  • Zero occurrences
Risk Management
  • 1. Thorough preventive measures
  • Improve the quality of risk management activities
  • Risk score reduced 14%
  • 2. Strengthen risk management
  • Disaster-prevention system utilization rate: 90%
  • Disaster-prevention system utilization rate: 91%
  • 3. Strengthen risk management
        systems (overseas)
  • Site-specific risk management manuals developed at 100% of sites
  • Site-specific risk management manuals developed at 92% of sites
  • 1. Enhance dialogue with
  • Maintain selection to key SRI indices
  • Maintained selection to key SRI indices
  • 2. Address human rights and
        supply chain initiatives
        (child labor, discrimination)

  • Promote CSR procurement globally
  • CSR surveys conducted at major suppliers of Group companies in the U.S.
  • 3. Promote enviromental and social
        contribution activities
  • Increase employee participation
    (vs. FY2013)
  • Increased the TABLE FOR TWO participation rate by 9.7%

Outline of the CSR Medium-Term Plan

Under CSR SHINKA, the basis of the medium-term management plan, we will further advance CSR management in pursuit of greater vitality among our human resources and the essence of Sekisui.

With regard to Prominence in the Environment, we will contribute to returns on natural capital through Group-wide progress on expanding net sales of Environment-Contributing Products, lessening environmental impact, and conserving the natural environment.

With regard to Prominence in CS & Quality, we aim to deliver attractive products and services and the quality our customers require by improving both Basic Qualities and Attractive Qualities.

With regard to Prominence in Human Resources, we will increase the strengths of human resources throughout the entire Group, based on the three axes of Group, Global, and Diversity policies. To do so, we will hire and train the human resources we need, deploy diversity management across the entire Group, and work toward centralized management of Group HR data that supports these efforts, using information technology.