United Nations Global Compact

Respect for International NormsDeclaration of Support for the United Nations Global Compact

The Sekisui Chemical Group respects international norms and standards regarding CSR, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ISO 26000, the OECD's Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the ILO's International Labor Standards, and the United Nations' Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (Ruggie Framework). In March 2009, Sekisui Chemical signed the United Nations Global Compact*. In compiling and issuing its CSR Report, Sekisui Chemical has also referred to the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI's) internationally recognized Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. The online CSR Report 2017 is in fact presented in accordance with the "Core" standards of the latest GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines ver. 4.

United Nations Global Compact: A voluntary program in which top management of firms around the world pledge to comply with 10 principles on subjects such as human rights, labor standards, the environment, and anti-corruption efforts within the scopes of influence of their firms and participate in building a global framework for realizing sustainable growth.