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Fostering the next generation through programs based on the characteristics of our businesses.

Initiatives of the Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products (UIEP) CompanyScience classes

At Shikoku Sekisui Co., Ltd., we offer science classes on the topic of “everyday objects around you” to first-year students of nearby local junior high schools. These classes have been held every year since fiscal 2009 at the request of local junior high schools that want to enlist the help of the science pros to stimulate the interest of children in the sciences.

In the classes for first-grade junior high school students, we discuss and experiment with plastics found in everyday objects, and then give them a tour of our plant. The students are able to take part in the rare experience of being on a production floor, touching plastic raw materials and products while watching the molding line make plastic products. In fiscal 2016, 52 students participated. We will continue to offer science classes with the aim of increasing interest in manufacturing among children that will become the next generation.


Experiments during a Science classes

Experiments during a Science classes