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Initiatives of the Housing CompanyHouses and the environment learning program

At the Housing Company, we have run a “houses and environment” learning program since fiscal 2007 where employees go to schools to teach about homes and the environment. This is a new type of class where Sekisui Chemical Group employees work alongside teachers. The classes let the students experience the building of environmentally friendly homes using models while thinking about the layout of homes through group discussions, the role that homes play in our lives, and learning about the impact that our lives have on the environment.

In fiscal 2016, classes were offered at 16 junior high schools and high schools in the Kanto, Kansai, Chubu and Kyushu areas. One of the students who took the class said “I want to live in a house that prioritizes the environment and safety first, not design or ease of use, if I can build my own house someday.” Another student said “I was interested in construction work, and now I am even more interested after taking this class.” The teachers said “The students were very interested in this assignment because they could use kits to build model homes, and continue lessons from a previous class using visual materials. This kind of active learning is recommended by the Ministry of Education.” A total of 1,747 students participated in the class in fiscal 2016.

Houses and the environment learning program

PERSONAL VIEWBuilding a home is a dream job

Saki Mizutani

Saki Mizutani
Headquarters, Business Strategy Department
Sekisui Heim Kinki Co., Ltd.

I participated for the first time in the “houses and the environment” learning program. I heard that junior high school students, including first-year students would be building model houses and I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to complete the floor plan and model house itself. Although there was only 45 minutes from the start of the class for the students to learn the lesson, they were quick to create dream houses centered around the core ideas of the environment, comfort, and peace of mind. The teacher discussed solar power using folded paper prepared ahead of time and I was excited to see students coming up with inventive designs such as green curtains that gave a real feel for the environment. I was happy to give advice, caught up in the moment. Seeing a student designing a floor plan with a gleam in his eye, I realized that house building can be a dream job, regardless of one’s age.

PERSONAL VIEWAgain recognizing the pleasure and depth of experience in creating a home

Shou Morigaki

Shou Morigaki
Head office,
General Affairs & Human Resources Department
Sekisui Heim Kyushu Co., Ltd.

The “Houses and the environment” learning program is a moving experience where you can get the real feeling of “home” from a child’s perspective. The ideas and concepts coming from these junior high school students show an admirable style of innovative thinking that is beyond the abilities of many adults. As I listened to the discussion, I realized the ideas were based on memories and real-life experiences with family. What the children wanted from a home was based on memories of pleasant experiences and as I watched these dreams take shape, I was able to again recognize the pleasure and depth of experience in creating a home. The students participating in the program were talking about their own families, often with a smile, as they continued to work. It was a great opportunity to imagine living in happiness.

PERSONAL VIEWRemembering the feeling of putting people first

Ryo Okanoue

Ryo Okanoue
Tokyo Branch Office
Tokyo Sekisui Heim Co., Ltd.

I was able to participate for the first time in the “houses and the environment” learning program.

Following the themes of environment, comfort, and peace of mind, the program was an opportunity to exchange opinions based on family structure and requests, and propose the most pleasant of Eco Heim homes.

At first, there seemed to be some uncertainty over what could be made, but with advice and flexible thinking, the ideas came one after another and the children seemed very much to be enjoying the work.

Seeing the children deep in thought over how to build the most pleasing house made me remember the importance of putting people first.

I learned a lot of things by participating in this program, including the realization that I would like many people to know the joy of working in housing sales.