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Initiatives of the High-Performance Plastics (HPP) CompanyChemical classroom project

At the High Performance Plastics Company, since fiscal 2008 we have organized chemical experiment classroom for elementary school students and run the Chemical classroom project for junior high school students. Volunteers from our R&D laboratory developed the curriculum with teachers at the schools with the aim of providing lessons that were not just interesting, but also relevant to their course units. A total of 2,541 students participated in the program in fiscal 2016, learning about the interesting aspects and power of chemistry. In fiscal 2016, we sponsored a children’s chemistry experiment classroom as part of the Sekisui Chemical Group’s support program for areas impacted by the Kumamoto earthquake. We hope we have contributed in a small way to the recovery in the area by giving children something to smile about. We plan to continue offering these classes with the aim of getting as many children as possible more interested in science.

Children in Kumamoto participate in a hands-on chemistry event A lesson at a local junior high school
Children in Kumamoto participate in a hands-on chemistry event
A lesson at a local junior high school

PERSONAL VIEWA pleasure to conduct experiments using Sekisui Chemical products

Yumiko Teraguchi

Yumiko Teraguchi
Shiga-Minakuchi Plant
Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

We are holding chemistry classes in junior high schools in Shimamoto with the aim of showing how interesting chemistry by conducting a variety of science experiments for the children. The program is in line with the curriculum, but with the experiments using Sekisui Chemical equipment, it also gives people the opportunity to become more acquainted with our products. It always makes me happy to see the favorable reactions from classes using intermediately films in the experiments. We have also recently been conducting classes at junior high schools throughout Japan and in the US. The atmosphere and attitudes of the students can be very different in different regions, though it appears there is plenty of interest in this kind of activity. I look forward to providing even more interesting experiences by creating lessons and experiments that allow children throughout Japan to understand just how amazing chemistry can be.

PERSONAL VIEWEach child can have different values

Mikitoshi Suematsu

Mikitoshi Suematsu
High Performance Plastics Company
Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

I have participated in the chemistry classroom project for nine years and have had a chance to meet over 20,000 children. This has taught me the diversity of values, and especially that each child can hold slightly different values. I have learned that when standing in front of these children, it is important to see each child as an individual and not to make broad-based assumptions. I believe this to be fundamental to all social contribution activities. The fact that all the employees involved in these activities have kept this in mind has contributed to the growth and smiles of the participating children. I hope we can continue these activities for the next 100 year so that we can continue to bring smiles to the faces of these children.