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Initiatives of the High Performance Plastics (HPP) Company

Solving Social Issues through Products and Services Diagnostic Reagents Contribute to People’s Health

In Japan, where the proportion of the elderly is rising, health becomes more important as people age, raising interest in preventive medicine.The Sekisui Chemical Group contributes to healthy social lifestyles by providing diagnostic reagents and analyzers used in health exams.

Social background

Difference in average and healthy life expectancies

The difference between average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy implies the period in people’s lives when they are not healthy. Many people, both men and women, spend ten years of their lives with conditions that impair their daily livelihoods. Source: Health Sciences Council’s Reference Materials for Promoting Health Japan 21 (the second term)


Diagnostic reagents aid in the early detection of disease

Diagnostic reagents aid in the early detection of disease

For example, people with liver cancer express a special protein in their bodies called a marker. We conduct research into reagents that detect this marker. The purpose of these reagents is to discover the disease at an early stage, thereby giving patients more opportunities to receive better treatments.

EIDIA has developed diagnostic reagents that utilize original antibodies, and specializes in the production of reagents that can be also used with analyzers made by other companies. By partnering with makers of diagnostic reagents, Sekisui Chemical gains the advantage of being able to supply diagnostic reagents to a larger number of hospitals.

R&D that emphasizes relationships of trust with medical institutions

EIDIA has built relationships based on trust with specialists in liver treatments through academic and research conferences, and enlisted their cooperation in evaluating the clinical efficacy of diagnostic reagents. This close-knit cooperation with medical institutions has led to the development of original antibodies with proven efficacy and highly sensitive measurement methods. By combining these excellent antibodies and measurement methods, we are able to develop diagnostic reagents that can detect extremely minute markers.

Contributing to preventative medicine through early detection

Having become a rapidly aging society, Japanese citizens are increasingly interested in preventive medicine and ways of detecting possible ailments as early as possible. Through my daily work in research and development, I aim to bring diagnostic reagents into the world that are easier to use and help people fight disease.


Providing products that fit local needs while speeding up diagnostics

Providing products that fit local needs while speeding up diagnostics

Sekisui Medical sells diagnostic reagents that measure blood-sugar levels and cholesterol, which offer a strong reading on lifestyle-related diseases, such as blood clots, diabetes and high lipid. High readings indicate something may be wrong with a person’s health, and the test results are a basis for providing health advice, such as exercising more and leading healthier lifestyles.

At medical institutions seeing a steady increase in patients as society ages, it has become imperative to quickly deliver testing results with the aim of increasing the efficiency of health examinations. Our customers have firmly requested faster processing with our diagnostic reagents and analyzers. It is our mission to figure out how to shorten turnaround times.

For example, it used to take about an hour to get blood test results. On its own accord, Sekisui Medical developed a blood collection tube with an agent that hardens blood samples, thereby shortening the amount of time before it can be put in the testing equipment. In this way, we aim to provide products that meet the needs of medical practitioners.



Promoting the spread of diagnostic reagents helps solve the problem of patient concentration

Promoting the spread of diagnostic reagents helps solve the problem of patient concentration

In China, the market for diagnostic reagents has expanded considerably amid growing interest in health as lifestyles improve. As this interest in health grows, however, patients have congregated at general hospitals in droves, causing problems. Since most people want to go to general hospitals with the latest technologies and systems, patients are forced to wait several hours before they can be seen by a doctor, even if they arrive at the hospital in the early morning.

At Sekisui Medical Technology (China), we are working to solve this problem by spreading the use of diagnostic reagents and analyzers at mid-scale hospitals in outlying regions.

As the sales manager and marketing chief for six provinces in the Hedong area, I take the initiative to foster opportunities to communicate with hospital staff by actively participating in and sponsoring academic conferences and exhibitions. We aim to help solve medical problems by providing hospital staff with knowledge and experience in our products.