Initiatives of the Housing Company

Solving Social Issues through Products and Services Building Disaster-Resistant Homes for a More Comfortable Life

The frequent occurrence of natural disasters in recent years has become a major social issue not only in terms of the disasters themselves, but also maintaining people’s lifestyles in the aftermath of a catastrophe.

Sekisui Heim provides homes that are not only disaster-resistant, but also enable people to live comfortably following a natural disaster.

Social background

An over 70% probability that a magnitude seven or above earthquake will occur in Japan in the next 30 years

Japan’s Earthquake Research Committee estimates the probability of a major magnitude seven earthquake occurring in Japan within the next 30 years is over 70%.


Disaster resistance is necessary for selecting homes in Japan

Disaster resistance is necessary for selecting homes in Japan

When choosing a home, a key concern for many customers is how resistant houses are to earthquakes and other natural disasters. In particular, customers have stated that their minimum requirements when selecting homes are resistance to major earthquakes as well as the ability to live with a sense of reassurance following a disaster.

Customers focusing on the structural strength of houses goes without saying.

Using highly precise construction methods made possible only by factory production

Applying factory production to most areas of home construction is the main reason why Sekisui Heim homes are resistant to natural disasters. Using factory processes to realize a level of precision impossible at a construction site is one reason why Sekisui Heim homes feature such highly sturdy structures. Homes built on-site tend to vary in strength and quality depending on the skill of the carpenters, materials used, and weather conditions. In contrast, all Sekisui Heim homes feature a uniform level of quality not dependent on people or weather, resulting in homes with a high degree of structural strength.

Spreading the word about living securely after a disaster through Sekisui Heim

Confident in the strengths of Sekisui Heim homes, our challenge going forward is to convey to customers in an easy-to-understand way the security and benefits offered by these homes after natural disasters, just like we did when proposing Smart Heim V to H* systems. Searching for ways to explain these ideas in a way anyone can easily understand, we want to make the worry-free lifestyles offered by Sekisui Heim homes the choice of an even greater number of customers.


Homes that maintain normal lifestyles following a major natural disaster

Homes that maintain normal lifestyles following a major natural disaster

I am in charge of developing V to H* systems that power houses using the electricity stored in electric vehicles. While these systems already exist, they were incomplete products, unable to use electricity generated by homes to charge electric vehicles during power outages. Our development of a system that makes it possible for electricity generated from Smart Heim home solar panels to charge electric vehicles is revolutionary, as it enables customers to continue living normally to a certain degree during blackouts caused by major natural disasters.

My dream is to spread V to Heim Smart Heim homes with V to H systems throughout Japan. Major natural catastrophes are a constant threat, with a large earthquake likely occurring in the not-too-distant future. In light of this, I am convinced that the useful feature of V to H provides high added value to customers. Making these homes available to people nationwide allows us to contribute to society.

*V to H: Vehicle to Home A system for daily use that delivers power stored in electric vehicles to homes.


Realizing disaster-resistant homes through precise construction and strict inspections only possible in factories

Realizing disaster-resistant homes through precise construction and strict inspections only possible in factories

Sekisui Heim homes offer exceptional earthquake resistance owing to a hybrid structure equipped with both viscous-and strength-type seismic resistance features. Our factories play an important role to this end by offering customers with homes that are constructed through modules assembled according to predetermined design criteria.

This high degree of earthquake resistance can only be enabled through factory manufacturing processes. For example, home construction at factories enables a level of quality that is impossible by other means owing to the use of computers to ensure uniform production of all components, eliminating mistakes and waste, as well as welding using large-sized equipment to ensure precision and strength.

In addition, full-time inspectors perform exacting and strict inspections that include house plan checks, accuracy checks, functional testing, and visual examinations. This level of quality ontrol, precision, and testing not possible on construction sites is what makes Sekisui Heim homes resistant to natural disasters.