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Housing Company

The Housing Company conducts business based on the principle of providing environmentally-friendly housing for safe and comfortable living for at least 60 years.
Sekisui Heim (Steel-Frame Type)SEKISUI Two-U Home (Wood-Frame Type)RefurbishingReal Estate BusinessInteriors and ExteriorsInteriors and Exteriors

We specialize in "Unit Construction Method"; a highly refined manufacturing method that enables short construction periods, with superior airtightness and heat insulation features. And, with the "environment", "reliability", and "comfort" as our concepts, we are developing high-performance housing to meet the changing times and the needs of our customers.

Our representative product is a "zero-utility cost house" that can reduce the environmental impact of the household for a long period of time. Also, the number of "houses with solar energy generation systems" constructed totals over 160,000 units, the No.1 achievement in the residential construction industry.(according to research by our company, as of December 31, 2014)

In the Housing Company rounds out its operations with the living environment business we aim to provide housing that can be lived in comfortably for longer and expand our remodeling business, "Fami S". We provide complete home support including detailed periodic inspection, diagnosis and maintenance, and remodeling to respond to family structure and lifestyle changes, over long periods of time.

Housing Company

Sekisui Heim(Steel-FrameType)

Sekisui Heim(Steel-FrameType) Providing high-quality modular housing

These steel-frame unit houses are constructed using the unit construction method which employs factory production to build homes precisely according to design specifications, achieving the highest levels of livability.

Sekisui Two-U Home (Wood- Frame Type)

Sekisui Two-U Home (Wood- Frame Type) Providing high-quality modular housing

The high performance of the unit construction method is maintained while creating comfortable homes surrounded by the wormth of sood in a variety of unique designs.


Refurbishing Meeting customers' residential needs

The homes of our unit home customers can be refurbished using long-term support systems according to the current stage of their lives.

Real Estate

Real Estate Meeting customers' residential needs

The combined strengths of the group meet all needs in the real estate business, including buying and selling agency services, apartment and condominium management and guarantee, and land subdividing.

Residential Services

Residential Services Meeting customers' residential needs

We supply buildings and services to suit every life stage, elderly housing with supportive services.


Overseas Use of advanced methods to solve housing issues in Thailand. Business expansion includes a leading-edge manufacturing plant.

We supply valuable housing designed to meet local needs. Developing the Thai housing market and expanding into neighboring countries.




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