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Research and Development Associate 2017/18 (Indian Institute of Technology students)

Are you a scientist with a passion for innovation? Are you driven to change the world? Do you want a challenging and rewarding career in a fast paced international company? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then SEKISUI CHEMICAL wants you to join our R&D team; where you will be given the tools to shape the future – of our company, and of you career.

In the past 70 years SEKISUI CHEMICAL has become an industry leader in fine particle chemistry, synthesizing intermediate materials which are essential components for many of the world’s leading global brands. Our success has always been motivated by the desire to make products, like our patented S-LEC film, which improve people’s everyday lives. Now, we are offering talented students from IIT Universities the chance to join our R&D department and help to create our next generation of industry defining products.

But joining SEKISUI is about more than just becoming a member of a prestigious global company. SEKISUI offers you the chance to develop yourself as a professional in the world’s third largest economy.

In addition to the tools to push the boundaries of innovation, SEKISUI also ensures you have ample development opportunities to push your own personal boundaries. From excellent training opportunities to the chance to travel and work within our network of global facilities, you will develop the skills required for a successful career.

What’s more, you will be based in one of our cutting edge research centers in Japan. Here you will have the opportunity to learn the Japanese language and Japanese company culture、knowledge of which is highly valued by industries the world over.

You can apply to join our Corporate Business Development R&D team near Tokyo, or our High Performance Plastics R&D team near Kyoto. Challenge, opportunity and the start or a promising career changing people’s lives for the better are waiting for you.

Our Company

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO. LTD. is one of the leading companies in the chemical industry in Japan. Our philosophy is to provide service, speed and superiority in all aspects of our business. Through our innovative techniques and first-class quality products and services we strive to stay at the forefront of the housing, social infrastructure and chemical solutions industries and we are committed to meeting the constantly evolving needs of the global society.

Headquartered in Tokyo and Osaka and with 70 years’ experience, SEKISUI CHEMICAL has built a network of operations all over the world. The Group has over 23,000 employees and specializes in the development and manufacturing of cutting edge high performance plastics products used in the electronic, automotive and medical industries. Our second business focus is on creating sustainable and environmentally friendly products for the housing and infrastructure industries designed to meet the needs of our customers. Our vision and our corporate philosophy reflect who we are and our purpose. We want our business and brand to continue to grow and develop in the global arena. Therefore, we strive to recruit people who share our vision and values, and who have the motivation and initiative to help us drive our business into the next stage of global growth.

Application Process

  1. 1.Please log in to your IIT placement portal and search for SEKISUI CHEMICAL*. Submit your CV via your placement portal.
  2. 2.If successful in Stage 1, we will request a statement of purpose to be sent to our recruitment email:
  3. 3.If successful in Stage 2, we will invite you for interview.

Our planned dates and locations for interviews are as follows: IIT Universities Across India: December2nd –December 8th

*If you cannot find SEKISUI CHEMICAL on your IIT Placement portal, please email globalrecruitment@sekisui.com to confirm that we are interviewing at your University.

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