Local Communities

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group places considerable emphasis on partnerships as set forth in SDG Goal 17, and promotes activities in cooperation with regional local governments, NPOs, and other organizations.

Basic Concept

Contributing to the Creation of a Sustainable Society as a Corporate Citizen

As a member of the local communities in which it operates, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group proactively deploys social contribution activities and thereby hopes to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. The Group works to create safe and secure cities in collaboration with local communities, supports programs that assist developing countries, and engages in various other activities in order to deepen the understanding of and help solve issues faced by local communities.

Major social and SDG contribution activities undertaken or participated in during fiscal 2021 (Domestic /Local Community fields)

Business Site Involved
in Activities
Details of Activities Main Related SDGs Coordination /
Sekisui Heim Shinetsu
Co., Ltd.
Food donations
NPO hotline-shinshu
Sekisui Heim Industry
Co., Ltd.
Chubu Site
Drinking water
Sekisui Chemical
Co., Ltd. Gunma Plant
East Japan Sekisui Industry
Co., Ltd.
Food donations
Foodbank Maebashi
Chiba Sekisui Industry
Co., Ltd.
Drinking water
Ichihara Seikatsusoudan
Support Center
Nara Sekisui Co., Ltd.
Sekisui Home Techno
Co., Ltd. Nara Site
Food donations
Yamatokoriyama City Social
Welfare Council
NPO Seijun Tasukeai Kodomo
(Helping Hand Children’s Cafeteria)
Toto Sekisui Co., Ltd., other Old clothing donations
Kyushu Sekisui Industry
Co., Ltd.
Participation in vegi-up
Saga Prefecture Health
Promotion Section
Tokuyama Sekisui Industry
Co., Ltd.
Cooperation in
purchasing raw milk
Ministry of Agriculture,
Forestry and Fisheries
Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
Taga Plant
Local production for
local consumption
stores, other
Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
Tokyo headquarters
Umbrella donations
NPO World Gift
Major Initiatives

Contributions to local communities through the use of factories

We cooperate with extracurricular classes at local elementary and other schools and conduct factory tours.

Exploring cities through factory tours (extracurricular class/Life science)

  • 05-26
  • 【Site】
    Sekisui Heim Industry Co., Ltd. Kinki Site/Nara City
  • 【Collaborating partner】
    Nara Municipal Tatsuichi Elementary School
  • 【Purpose】
    • Deepen children’s understanding of local communities
    • Promote community interaction and collaboration
  • 【Continuity】
    First held in fiscal 2021 (new activity)
  • 【Effect】
    Fiscal 2021: Learning experience for six second year elementary school students
【Related SDGs】

In support of efforts to help children better understand the local community through contact with the businesses and workers in their school districts, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group conducted factory tours for neighborhood elementary school students. Moving forward, we will continue to value our connection with the local community and pass on to the children of the next generation the importance of monozukuri, connections with the community, and the environment.

Activities to Improve Civic Order in Local Communities

Sekisui Heim sales companies and local police headquarters have signed an agreement to conduct educational activities on crime prevention and traffic safety.

Traffic Safety Campaign

  • 05-27
  • 【Site】
    Ibaraki Sekisui Heim Group/ Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • 【Collaborating partner】
    Hitachi Police Department
  • 【Purpose】
    Contribute to the creation of a safe and secure society by educating the public to reduce traffic violations and traffic accidents in the community
  • 【Continuity】
    Activity since 2012
  • 【Effect】
    Fiscal 2021: Raised awareness among approximately 200 visitors to the venue
【Related SDGs】

Working with the local police department to promote traffic safety, we will contribute to the community by helping to reduce traffic violations and accidents and to build a community where people can live with peace of mind.

Cooperation with NPOs, etc. (Social Support)

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is helping solve local community issues.

Food Bank Support (Providing Emergency Food Sets)

  • 05-28
  • 【Site】
    Shikoku Sekisui Co., Ltd./ Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture
  • 【Collaborating partner】
    eWork Ehime (Ehime food bank egao)
  • 【Purpose】
    • Support families in need and children’s cafeterias
    • Reduce food loss
  • 【Continuity】
    First held in fiscal 2021 (new activity)
  • 【Effect】
    Fiscal 2021: Donated 75 emergency food sets (equivalent of three days)
【Related SDGs】

In an effort to support families in need and children’s cafeterias impacted by the ongoing pandemic, emergency supplies at business sites were quickly exchanged and donated to local food banks. In addition to providing the opportunity for interaction with local communities, this initiative also helped to reduce food loss. Moving forward, the Group will continue to promote this and similar initiatives.

Blood Drives

  • 05-29
  • 【Site】
    Sekisui Heim Industry Co., Ltd. Chubu Site/Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture
  • 【Collaborating partner】
    Red Cross Blood Center, Aichi Prefecture
  • 【Purpose】
    Medical and life-saving support
  • 【Continuity】
    Activity since 2005 (conducted on 27 occasions (cumulative total))
  • 【Effect】
    Fiscal 2021: Blood donations from 21 employees
【Related SDGs】

Blood drives are held at business sites for use in the treatment of illnesses and in surgeries. In 2021, the company received the Golden Order of Merit from the Japanese Red Cross Society in recognition of its steady and continuous activities since 2005.

Cooperation with NPOs, etc. (International support)

By supporting the activities of NPOs and other organizations, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group also helps solve international issues.


As a social contribution activity that allows easy participation by individual employees, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has continued to implement the TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) initiative since 2008, a program in which 20 yen of each meal served in employee cafeterias donated to support the provision of lunches to children in developing countries.

  • 05-45-02

【Fiscal 2021 Results】

Program Number of implementing business sites Total number of school lunches provided to developing countries
(Employee cafeterias)
10 business sites 20,218
TABLE FOR TWO Vending Machines 2 business sites (Equivalent of) 3,242
  • 05-46-02
  • 【Implementing business sites】
    SEKISUI CHEMICAL headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka, the Gunma Plant, the Musashi Plant, the Shiga-Minakuchi Plant, Kyoto Research and Development Laboratories, Research and Development Institute, Tsukuba Office, Ota Plant of Toto Sekisui Co., Ltd., Tokuyama Sekisui Co., Ltd., and Sekisui Heim Industry Co., Ltd. Kinki Site (11 sites)
  • 【Collaborating partner】
    Specified nonprofit corporation, TABLE FOR TWO International
  • 【Purpose】
    • Feed hungry children in developing countries by providing them with school lunches
    • Help prevent lifestyle diseases in developed countries
  • 【Continuity】
    SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group activity since 2008 (ongoing)
    (Vending machine-based donation activity since 2013)
  • 【Effect】
    Fiscal 2021: School lunch support totaling 23,460 meals Groupwide
【Related SDGs】

In recognition of its support, TABLE FOR TWO certified SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group as a Silver Partner while awarding the Company a letter of appreciation. We will continue carrying out these activities in the future, supporting a stable food supply for children in developing countries.

  • 05-35
  • 05-34
  • Letter of thanks from TABLE FOR
    TWO International


As a social contribution activity that allows easy participation by individual employees, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has been implementing the BOOK MAGIC program, organized by JEN (NPO) since 2009. By donating the money collected from the sale of unneeded books and CDs under this program to help fund global School Support programs, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is working to provide educational support to children worldwide.

【Fiscal 2021 Results】
Program Number of implementing
business sites
Donation amount (Total)
BOOK MAGIC 20 business sites 15 times 100,930 yen
  • 05-30
  • 【Implementing business sites】
    SEKISUI CHEMICAL headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka, Tsukuba Office, Gunma Plant, UIEP Company Chubu and Tohoku branches, Hokkaido Sekisui Heim Industry Co., Ltd., Hokkaido Sekisui Fami S Co., Ltd., Hoppou Jyubunka Institute Co., Ltd., Sekisui Board Co., Ltd. Gunma Plant, EnviroLife Research Institute CO., LTD., SEKISUI HEIM Real Estate Co., Ltd., Shikoku Sekisui Co., Ltd., Higashinihon Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd., Nara Sekisui Co., Ltd., Sekisui Home Techno Co., Ltd. Nara Site, Sekisui Seikei, Ltd. Hyogo-Takino Plant, Chubu Sekisui Shoji Co., Ltd., Tokuyama Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd., and Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd. Iwate Plant (20 sites)
  • 【Collaborating partner】
    JEN (NPO)
  • 【Purpose】
    • Support education of children around the world
    • Reuse books and other materials that are no longer required (resource circulation)
  • 【Continuity】
    SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group activity since 2009 (ongoing)
  • 【Effect】
    Fiscal 2012: conducted on 15 occasions Group-wide)
【Related SDGs】

A growing number of sites took part in BOOK MAGIC, a new initiative in fiscal 2021, as a social contribution activity in which many employees can freely participate despite the impact of the pandemic. In addition to their reuse as resources, the donation of unused books and other materials can serve a variety of purposes including support for the education of children around the world. In helping achieve multiple SDGs, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group will continue to promote this initiative going forward.

Overseas Group Local Community Support Activities

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group also engages in efforts to support local communities at its overseas Group sites.

  • 05-32
  • 05-33
  • Sekisui Specialty Chemicals Thailand Co., Ltd.
    With the shortage of medical suits (PPE suits) in many hospitals due to COVID-19, employees helped collect plastic bottles to recycle into PPE gear for medical professionals.

  • Sekisui Polymatech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    To contribute to people’s health, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group holds an annual free blood donation campaign for its employees. In fiscal 2021, 26 employees participated in the blood drive.