Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel

Entrenching Support

Follow-up Training for New, Mid-career Hires

With the aim of, for example, acquiring knowledge and experience from outside the Company and enhancing its business potential, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is increasingly active in mid-career hires (the hiring of experienced personnel). After having joined the Company, however, there are more than a few examples of a lack of understanding with regard to the workplace culture or in-house systems on the part of the mid-career hires themselves proving to be an obstacle to the process of having them display their skills at an early stage. Providing new, mid-career employees with opportunities to learn the basic knowledge (including the Company’s history, culture, policies, and systems) of SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group, and draw on the high levels of competence and specialized skills that mid-career employees have accumulated in previous positions, we provide follow-up training so they can put those attributes to work and participate actively from an early stage.

Training Program (Brother/Sister Program)

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has established a training program (brother/sister program) aimed at enabling new employees to smoothly adapt to their assigned workplaces and quickly hit the ground running. The role of the trainer (who acts as an elder brothers or sisters) goes beyond job-related instruction to play a role in providing guidance on how adult members of society should conduct themselves while following up on new employees’ state of mind. The program also encourages the trainers to leverage their experience guiding junior employees to gain a new perspective and thereby grow themselves.

Performance Data

Follow-up Training for New, Mid-career Hires

  FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Number of participants 87 60 43 42 35