Group's ESG

Based on the Corporate Philosophy "The 3S Principle" which forms the basis for our policies and business activities, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is actively working to "resolve social issues through businessd activities" and to be "socially responsible in business processes" as we position ESG(Environment, Society, Governance) at the center of the management strategy toward the realization of "social value creation through business activities."
The SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group's ESG management —which aims to balance the improvement of social sustainability with the profitable growth of the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group— refers to business practices (i.e. work itself) undertaken to solve environmental and social issues which are considered more strategically. Under Vision 2030, in addition to the ability to contribute to solving social issues and the ability to create profit, management capability to sustain business has been newly established to form the three driving forces for promoting ESG management, and the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group will work on strengthening these three forces.

Long-term Vision and ESG Management

External Evaluation

Stakeholder Engagement