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High foam bridging polyethylene "Softlon"

High foam bridging polyethylene


Thermal insulation materials

Product name

High foam bridging polyethylene "Softlon"

Product features

A material foam that combines lightness and flexibility by including air bubbles. "Softlon S" is a high foam sheet that foams by heating from x5 to x50 after irradiating polyethylene with electron beams. Characterized by almost 100% individual bubbles, this is the basic material of the Softlon series, which is used in a wide variety of applications in which it manifests such excellent functions as lightweightness, thermal insulation, shock absorbency, heat resistance, and processability. "Softlon" can be processed, molded, and its functions added to suit the application, and is used in a wide range such as construction, civil engineering, vehicle-related tasks, packaging, logistical fields, sports, sundries, and medical treatment.
-Softlon S: General products with wide-ranging uses; Softlon S, Softlon FR-ND, Softlon LB
-Thermal insulation series for long roofs: Conforms to Ministry of Construction standards; Softlon SK
-Chemitron: Thermal insulation material for outdoor external thermal insulation; Chemitron HT
-Softlon SP: Powerful thermal insulation for vacuum and stamping molding; Softlon SP
-Softlon IF: Heat resistant, flexible, for deep drawing and vacuum molding; Softlon IF
-POR-ARA: Thin and highly precise, powerfully flexible; POR-ARA IF, POR-ARA ES, POR-ARA XL-H, POR-ARA XL-EE
-Softlon NF: Heat resistant, sturdy, for deep drawing molding; Softlon NF


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