All-new piezoelectric sensor

The new piezoelectric sensor from Sekisui

Introducing the revolutionary new piezoelectric device from Sekisui.

Even the slightest pressure .. is detected by the sensor Sekisui voltage sensor

Piezoelectric materials generate a minute but distinct electric voltage when subjected to pressure---this is called the piezoelectric effect.
Conventional piezoelectric elements are made from hard materials such as ceramic or crystal. But Sekisui has developed a revolutionary new ultrafine polyolefin piezoelectric foam material, which delivers superior piezoelectric sensitivity and can be used to make thinner and more flexible sensors.

The new Sekisui sensor consists of charged polyolefin foam on an aluminum backing sheet. When the sensor is subject to pressure, the change in shape (compression) generates a minute voltage that is transmitted to the aluminum sheet and converted into electrical signal.

The revolutionary new Sekisui sensor is thinner and more versatile than conventional sensors, with vastly improved sensitivity.

Ideal for applications such as: Under the bed Embedded in a car seat

1. Improved sensitivity

The ultrafine polyolefin foam material, developed by Sekisui specifically for piezoelectric sensor applications, delivers an impressive 30 mV/N sensitivity for pulse measurement. Advanced circuit processing is used to separate out data for heart rate, breathing, snoring and body movement from signals generated by a sensor installed under a mattress, inside a car seat, or even attached to clothing.

2. Thin and flexible

The Sekisui piezoelectric sensor can be fabricated at thicknesses of as little as 700 µm. The flexible polyolefin foam allows far greater design freedom than conventional plastic sheeting. Sheet sizes range from small (2 cm × 2 cm) to large (100 cm × 100 cm), suitable for compact applications such as wearable computers through to large installations such as mattress sensors.

3. Versatile

Sekisui piezoelectric sensors are designed to operate under a wide range of ambient conditions, from very hot and humid (80°C, RH95%) to very cold (−20°C). The sensor material is rugged and durable, exhibiting no loss of performance when subjected to 500 repetitions of bending and external forces of up to 2 MPa. It also delivers excellent consistency of electrostatic performance over the long term, unlike other conventional polyolefin foams.

Potentially yields a whole new range of data.

Sekisui piezoelectric sensor sheeting is thin and flexible yet delivers excellent sensitivity performance, and is suitable for a wide range of applications. We believe that this highly versatile product opens up a whole new world of possibilities for sensing systems. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas and suggestions for new applications and uses of this exciting product. Product samples will be supplied on request. We look forward to hearing from you.


Sekisui has a longstanding involvement in polyolefin development.

Sekisui is an established supplier of plastic products and materials for residential construction, automobile production and medical applications in line with the Sekisui group vision of residential and public infrastructure development and chemical solutions. Sekisui is the acknowledged industry leader in polyolefin foam materials that provide excellent thermal insulation and cushioning performance as well as superior moldability. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Sekisui offers an extensive range of products for a wide variety of applications such as backing tape for mobile devices, sealing materials, auto interiors, industrial components, and residential construction materials. We look forward to being of service in the future.

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