Shareholders' Meeting

The 93rd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (Jun 25, 2015)

Date June 25, 2015 (Thursday)
Place ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka Hotel
Open 10:00 a.m.
Close 10:50 a.m.
The number of shareholders in attendance 273

Notice of Resolutions

Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. hereby informs you of the matters reported and the matters resolved at the 93rd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 25, 2015 as follows.

Matters reported:

Report on the Business Report, the Consolidated Accounting Documents, the Non-Consolidated Accounting Documents and the report on the Results of the Audits of Consolidated Accounting Documents by the Accounting Auditor and the Board of Corporate Auditors for the 93rd Business Term (from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015).

Matters resolved:
First Item of Business

Appropriation of Surplus
The proposed appropriation of surplus has been approved and it was resolved the year-end dividend be 14 yen per share.

Second Item of Business

Partial Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation
As proposed, it has been approved that the Company would make a change to the business purposes to make a full-scale entry into the business of serving elderly people. And the Company would make necessary changes to the matters pertaining to the chairperson of the general meeting of shareholders, and the matters pertaining to a change to the scope of the executive with whom liability limitation agreements can be concluded.

Third Item of Business

Appointment of Nine (9) Directors

As proposed, nine (9) Directors have been elected. The names of the Directors are as follows.

Naofumi Negishi
Teiji Koge
Hajime Kubo
Satoshi Uenoyama
Shunichi Sekiguchi
Keita Kato
Yoshiyuki Hirai
Toru Nagashima *
Kunio Ishizuka *

*Messrs. Nagashima and Ishizuka are outside Directors.

Fourth Item of Business

Appointment of Two (2) Corporate Auditors

As proposed, two (2) Corporate Auditors have been elected. The names of the Corporate Auditors are as follows.

Yasuhiro Nishi *
Kazuyuki Suzuki *

*Messrs. Nishi and Suzuki are outside Corporate Auditors.

Fifth Item of Business

Issuance of Stock Acquisition Rights under Stock Option Plan
As proposed, it has been approved that the Company would issue stock acquisition rights to representative directors, a certain portion directors and key employees of subsidiaries and representative director of the four (4) affiliated companies (of which the Company holds more than 35% and less than 50% voting rights) of Sekisui Chemical Group, for the purpose of granting stock options, pursuant to the provisions of Articles 236, 238 and 239 of the Companies Act, and that the Company would delegate the determination of the terms and conditions thereof to the Board of Directors of the Company.