Conveying the Importance of the Natural Environment in Local Communities

Management Approach

Basic ConceptContributing to the Conservation of Natural Environments that Form the Foundation of Society

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group engages in environmental conservation to realize the “Earth with maintained biodiversity” called for in “Sekisui Environment Sustainability Vision 2050.” We also believe that implementing regional, employee- led activities to preserve the environment is an effective means of cultivating human resources who can contribute to solutions to social issues, including environmental issues.

Major Initiatives

Forest Preservation Activities by Our Housing CompanyWoodland Conservation and Afforestation Activities

Conservation of human settlement-adjacent mountain ecosystems in the Higashiyama neighborhood/Children’s Project Support/(Sekisui Heim Chubu Group)

The Sekisui Heim Chubu Group cooperates with the Nagoya Higashiyama Forest Conservation Group, an NPO working to conserve valuable human settlement-adjacent mountain ecosystems that continue to exist in the Higashiyama district of Nagoya City, and supports the Higashiyama Forest Conservation Children’s Troup, in which local children participate.

Through outdoor experiences like tending to mixed forests and bamboo forests in settlement-adjancent mountain ecosystems and night hiking events in these areas, children discover the importance of opportunities to come into contact with nature. The Group will continue to protect both local communities and natural environments while supporting activities that pass these on to the next generation.

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    • “Bamboo Forests and Our Livelihoods”
      Picture-story Show
    • Experiencing periodic forest thinning in a
      bamboo forest

Coastal Forest Restoration /Tree-planting Activities (Sekisui Heim Tohoku Group)

Since 2015, Sekisui Heim Tohoku Group has collaborated with the Disaster Area Uncultivated Land Relief and Regional Seedling Production Network to restore coastal forests lost during the Great East Japan Earthquake in Yamamoto- cho, Watari-gun, Miyagi Prefecture. In the fall of fiscal 2020, the Group planted Konara oak (quercus serrata) saplings along the coast together with local elementary school students, parents, and Nagano University, among others (this activity was conducted with fewer participants than usual as part of its COVID-19 countermeasures).

The Group hopes to one day see the saplings grow into a lush forest that will serve as a place where wildlife can congregate along the coast. The Group will also continue to place importance on interaction with many different people as it undertakes activities that help contribute to local communities.

Collaboration with Local CommunitiesInitiatives taken at Group business sites

Group business sites carry out a variety of environmental preservation activities in efforts to safeguard local natural environments, working in collaboration with the local community. While a myriad of environmental problems exist in these regions, we endeavor to continue as a corporate citizen by offering our support for solutions.

Eradication of Invasive Aquatic Grasses in the Shinmachi River (SHIKOKU SEKISUI CO., LTD./ Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture)

In collaboration with Saijo Nature School, a local NPO, SHIKOKU SEKISUI CO., LTD. employees work to eliminate water speedwell (Veronica anagallis-aquatica), watercress (Nasturtium officinale), Western waterweed (Elodea nuttallii) and other invasive aquatic plant species. The employees also take action to preserve indigenous species such as curly-leaf pondweed (Potamogeton crispus) on a regular basis.

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“Sekisui Forest” Conservation / Arakura Growth Forest Conservation Activities (TOKUYAMA SEKISUI CO., LTD./ Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture)

In 2000, TOKUYAMA SEKISUI gave the name “Sekisui Forest” to a plot of 2,500 sqm of city-owned land leased from the City of Shunan. Since then, the company has partnered with local governments (Yamaguchi Prefecture and the City of Shunan), as well as local forestry experts and people from the local Support of Employment, Living and Participation (SELP) office, in conducting forest management activities that nurture the headwaters of the water sources used by the refinery.

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Nakanoi River Clean-up Activities (Nishinihon Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd. and SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD., Shiga-Ritto Plant/Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture)

Twice a year, employees conduct riverbed clean-up activities along Nakanoi River (a tributary of Lake Biwa), which flows near the factory. Employees pick up trash, remove invasive plant species and conduct maintenance as part of their activities to conserve the waterway’s environment and biodiversity.

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Hands-on Environmental Education for the Next GenerationSekisui Children's Nature Academy

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is collaborating with local communities and working to convey to the next generation the importance of conserving the natural environment.

Kyushu Sekisui Children's Nature Academy (Kyuhsu Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd./ Kanzaki City, Saga Prefecture)

In partnership with Chiyodatobu Elementary School, since 2019 Kyushu Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd., located in Kanzaki City, Shiga Prefecture, has invited second-grade students to “Country Woods,” its on-site biotope, and holds the Kyusyu Sekisui Children's Nature Academy so that students can gather to make observations of living organisms.
This observation event is organized primarily by the “Biotope Committee,” an internal entity comprised of employees. Employees serve as group leaders and convey, under the guidance of lecturers, the mysteries of life and the importance of being close to nature to the children. Within the Biotope, the children discovered tree frogs (hyla japonica), the larva of rhinoceros beetles and other organisms. Through this hands-on experience, the children learned about the diverse range of life forms that surround them. The Company will continue to collaborate with the local community and engage in efforts that contribute to nurturing the next generation and to conserving the natural environment.
(The fiscal 2020 event was held in strict compliance with COVID-19 countermeasures)

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    • Children receive an explanation of the biotope
    • Searching for wildlife

“Moist Forest” Natural Environment Field Trips (CHIBA SEKISUI INDUSTRY CO., LTD./ Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture)

Using “Moist Forest,” a grove of miscellaneous trees on leased land near its plant, CHIBA SEKISUI INDUSTRY engages in a wide range of activities aimed at promoting biodiversity and regional coexistence. Each year the Company invites students from neighboring Ichihara Municipal Urutsu Elementary School to join extracurricular classes for nature observation.

Kasama Children’s Nature Academy (Sekisui Heim Industry Co., Ltd. Kanto Site/ Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture)

As an extracurricular class for fifth grade students at Kasama Municipal Minami Gakuen, an elementary school near its office, Sekisui Heim Industry carries out aquatic insect observation events along the Nitanda River (a tributary of the Hinuma River) in the area near the business site. In fiscal 2020, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, instructors provided explanations online.