Prominence in CS & Quality

Pursuing the Quality Always Specified by Customers by Maximizing the Quality of Human Resources, Systems, and Products

Management Approach

Our Philosophy

Since 1999, the Sekisui Chemical Group has practiced customer satisfaction (CS) management. In 2004, we coined the phrase CS & Quality in the belief that customer satisfaction and quality are inseparable. We began CS & Quality Management to consistently deliver value to our customers so that they will always choose our products and services. Mindful of the fact that customer feedback is the wellspring of our manufacturing activities, we are actively honing the Quality of Our People, the Quality of Our Systems, and the Quality of Products and Services. In this manner, the Group is working in unison to consistently deliver the quality that is always specified by customers.

The Sekisui Chemical Group’s CS & Quality Management Circulation Diagram

Flow of Utilizing Customer Feedback in Management

CS & Quality Management Promotion System

CS & Quality Management Promotion System

Creating Customer-oriented ProductsAbout the Follow-Up Activities for the Self-Declaration for Customer-Oriented Management

Sekisui Chemical is in favor of the Consumer Affairs Agency’s initiates for bringing about “Customer-Oriented Management” and made a “Self-Declaration for Customer-Oriented Management,”* expressing Sekisui Chemical philosophy and plans for initiatives, in January 2017.

  • Companies declare on their own accord to engage in consumer-oriented management, take action based on their declarations and disclose the outcomes of their initiatives.

Mindful that customer opinions are a valuable resource for management, we are aggressively pursuing innovations in the Quality of Products and Services, the Quality of Our People, and the Quality of Our Systems, based on the motto “customer feedback is the wellspring of our manufacturing activities.” We aim to contribute to the realization of a worry-free and abundant society by continuing to provide new value to our customers and society.
Below are five activities undertaken in FY2017 based on our “Self-declaration for Handling Consumers.”

1. Ensuring Basic Qualities

To ensure the reliability and safety of our products, which are the basis of “Product Quality,” our mechanisms for quality auditing have been entirely rebuilt. The major change with the new auditing system is the introduction of “Sekisui Process Management Charts” (SPMCs).

2. Creating Attractive Qualities

We created mechanisms to encourage concrete actions by employees to improve CS & quality. We have issued a CS & Quality Management Book compiling specific information and have distributed this text to group employees within Japan. In fiscal year 2017 we also held the fourth “Selection of Attractive Quality,” where external experts evaluate products. Since fiscal year 2008, a total of 13 products have received awards.

3. Upgrading Technological Capabilities

We held a conference on global-scale “group improvement activities.” At the 52nd “Sekisui Chemical Group Improvement Activities Conference,” 13 groups representing companies in Japan and from around the world gave presentations.

4. Enhancing Communications

We published Vol. 2 of the booklet VOICE, which compiles views brought to Customer Consultation Offices, allowing us to to discover otherwise overlooked views expressed by our customers. We also issued “STAR 55 News,” which conveys positive examples of CS & quality to employees. This was the 36th publication of the newsletter since fiscal year 2006.

5. Providing Thorough Employee Education

We started providing “telephone support training” in fiscal year 2008 with the aim of raising the level of telephone support. By the end of fiscal year 2017, a total of 1,888 employees had attended 191 sessions. During fiscal year 2017 we also launched “email training.” We compiled “email guidelines” into a booklet and added these guidelines to the texts for new employees, making these guidelines part of the group's required business etiquette.