Developing Personnel Who Engage in Environmental Activities as a Part of Efforts to Conserve the Natural Environment in Various Regions Around the World

Major Initiatives

Initiatives of Sekisui Chemical GroupSea Turtle Protection Activities in Thailand

Out of the 7 species of sea turtle currently living in the world today, 6 are said to be in danger of extinction due to factors such as overfishing and loss of habitat. In response to these conditions, the Sea Turtle Conservation Center run by the Royal Thai Navy is protecting sick and injured sea turtles until they are well enough to be reintroduced to the ocean.
Sekisui Specialty Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (SSCT), which carries out business activities near the ocean, took part in cleaning the carapaces of sea turtles as well as a pond where they live at the protection center in hopes of contributing in some small way to the habitat of marine life in the area.
On the day of the activities, 24 SSCT employees took part in the cleaning using tools such as sponges and brushes.
As a result of their efforts, cleaning was completed for the pond area, where 50 sea turtles live, and the Sea Turtle Conservation Center also sent a letter of thanks.
SSCT will continue to carry out activities which contribute to improvement of the habitat for sea creatures.

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  • SSCT employees performing cleaning

  • Letter of thanks from the Sea Turtle Conservation Center